Author: Andrew Bonar

Panel discussion on running your own email infrastructure

At the end of last year, Halon was a sponsor of the Winter 2021 Inbox Expo in Valencia, Spain. Amongst the many subjects discussed was the topic of building your own email infrastructure. 

While many organizations rely on outsourcing email sending to email service providers (ESPs), there are plenty of organizations that choose to run their own email infrastructure. During the event, representatives from Mailkit, Postmastery, and Inter7 participated in a panel discussion on the topic. During the session, they explored the landscape of email management, the resources required and some of the potential challenges faced when building your own private email infrastructure.

The panelists in Valencia included:

  • Jakub Olexa. Co-founder of Mailkit (and his new ESP service Omnivery) based in the Czech Republic.
  • Maarten Oelering. Co-founder of Postmastery, a dedicated email infrastructure consultancy established 8 years ago in the Netherlands.
  • Keith Kouzmanoff. Co-founder of Inter7 who specializes in supporting private MTA infrastructure for organizations including GoDaddy, Fastweb, and Playboy. Based in the United States.
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Black Friday Cyber Monday: Make sure you deliver in time

Image by Mike Cohen

During the busiest shopping season, namely Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), an uptick in email volumes is often a given, but there are a number of things you can do to make sure your email sending performs at its best without getting yourself caught up in the net that is cast to catch the spammers. Are you a brand marketer, or providing email sending services to marketers?

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