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Halon in Bloomberg article

Halon’s Jonas Falck quoted in Bloomberg article regarding unauthorized U.S. spying.

Blog interview with Halon’s Jonas Falck

As you all know we opened an office in San Francisco not long ago and sent our Jonas Falck (CEO USA) to take care of the deeds. We can tell you all, he is doing great! Read more about our US CEO, when he puts Halon’s products into words and his thoughts about hitting the US market in a blog post by Miha Ahronovitz.

Halon at KommITS in Stockholm, Sweden

Halon Security is participating in the KommITS Conference in Stockholm/Upplands Väsby on the 5th-7th November. You’ll locate us in booth no 29. To find out more abut the autumn conference please go to their website (in Swedish). Looking forward to seeing you there!

Halon at CapTech Expo Oct 24th

You’ll find us in our booth (no 38) where you’ll not only be able to speak to our team members, but also get the opportunity to win our new HSR-603. Check-out our poster to find out more how to compete (poster in Swedish). Competing needs no specific language skills however…

Say what “new HSR-603”? Give us a ring (+46 31 301 19 20) or drop us a line ([email protected]) if you won’t be able to make it, and we’ll tell you all about it.

Halon becomes first email gateway to integrate DMARC

Halon, the technology leader in email gateways, today announced the implementation of DMARC, a first of its kind solution to prevent malicious phishing emails for hosting providers. This new implementation will prevent attacks by spammers who use targeted spoof emails from recognized brands. Halon developed DMARC technology, similar to what is being used by companies such as Google, Yahoo, and PayPal, and removes the risk of fraudulent emails by enabling email receivers and senders to work together to protect end users and brands.

Phishing attacks are one of the most effective strategies used by hackers to penetrate unsuspecting user’s computers, but through implementing our DMARC solution, hosting providers can immediately eradicate this threat, said North American CEO and co-founder at Halon, Jonas Falck. We are driving the industry forward as Halon is the only vendor that has fully implemented DKIM in a commercial product that can verify email via DMARC. We hope that soon DMARC integration will become standardized across the industry so that phishing emails will be a thing of the past.

Key product features of Halon’s new DMARC implementation include:

  • Avoids spoofing emails
  • Reduces phishing attacks and malware
  • Makes email more trusted while maintaining openness

Halon has consistently provided an innovative security solution to combat the emerging threats hosting providers face, said Anders Aleborg, CEO at Binero, a web-hosting provider. “With this new update, we are confidant that we can protect our brand and reputation from attacks like phishing emails. It is essential that we are able to verify legitimate senders, and with this new DMARC implementation, we now have access to a secure system that validates the security of our emails and protects our users.

Highlighting this growing trend, A Halon commissioned survey hosted by TNS Global found that nearly one-third of Americans admit to opening an unsolicited email, and these spam emails most often spoofed banking institutions (15.9%), social media sites like Facebook or Twitter (15.2%), and online payment services (12.8%).

Spammers who are continuously changing their strategies for targeted attacks will single out users who do not implement anti-spoofing technologies. In fact, most spammers use forged email addresses, which affect nearly all Americans (94.7%) who received at least one email containing a virus, spyware, or malware. In response to this growing threat, Halon developed DKIM libraries with open source libdkim++ to sign and validate email signatures. Halon combined its DMARC technology with SPF, which now enables email recipients to verify the validity of the sender.

Halon receives award ‘Messaging Security Solution’ of the year at British Computing Security Awards 2013

Yesterday evening on the 17th of October Halon Security had the honor to receive the award for ‘Messaging Security Solution’ of the year. The competition showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions, as well as the companies and organisations, that have made a major contribution over the past 12 months to promoting best practice and keeping organisations safe. Halon’s Joakim Sundberg attended the grand ceremony hosted by CSMagazine, that took place at Hotel Russel in London, UK.

Halon adds automated deployment of self-configured virtual machines through VMware’s vApp

Datacenters and Web hosting providers benefit from automated licensing, provisioning and fully customizable solutions

Halon, the technology leader in email security, routers and load balancers, today announced the full support of vApp to integrate Halon Security Suite into VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. vApp provides an automated and customizable solution for Web hosting providers who need immediate deployment of virtual machines through VMware’s vApp technology. Halon’s reputation has been built on the ability to simplify the deployment of its technology and vApp is the next solution in line with that philosophy.

— The modern data center must be automated to run at full capacity and Halon is committed to providing the best and most efficient hosting and service provider solutions available,” said Jonas Falck, Halon’s COO and senior technical director. “Security infrastructure is following the lead of data centers and cloud providers by moving away from legacy hardware and towards virtualization. Halon Security Suite is leading the charge with vApp integration to provide security solutions with decreased cost, improved quality, and shortened time to market.

Following the lead of datacenters and cloud providers, the network and security infrastructure of hosting and service providers is becoming less reliant on legacy hardware installations and is gravitating towards full software solutions. Now that VMware’s vApp is integrated into the Halon Security Suite, Halon’s hosting and service provider customers will be able to automatically and cost-effectively deploy virtual machines. This enables providers to immediately get new applications up and running in little time while also allocating fewer IT resources.

VMware’s vApp’s self-configuration makes it easy to deploy virtual machines. Pre-packaged virtual machines –such as a windows server and firewall bundled together—don’t require individual IP addresses for every virtual machine. This means applications get running quickly and are easier to operate.