Press selects Halon to reduce capital and operating expenses

San Francisco, Calif., July 27th, 2015., a global hosting provider and Halon Security, a leading provider of a highly secure email delivery platform, announces the successful integration of Halon Email platform at, which enabled in significantly reducing’s capital and operating expenses.

Recently, experienced rapid customer growth and therefore needed to upgrade their existing home grown email delivery and security infrastructure to a more scalable platform. In selecting the new platform; security, high performance and seamless integration with their existing infrastructure, were critical requirements for

“ researched and evaluated many email security and delivery platforms against our requirements. We finally settled on Halon email platform based on price performance, ease of use, flexibility, multitenancy support with security and its ability to scale on demand,” Anders Saaby, CTO at states.

Halon’s platform now includes’s entire email delivery infrastructure; except for email storage and web mail. A case study has been released along with this announcement.

“Using Halon email platform we were able to consolidate and upgrade several disparate email solutions into one cost effective, feature rich and easy to manage solution. This enabled us to reduce initial capital cost, ongoing support and maintenance costs, rack space, and ongoing power and cooling requirements by up to 70%,” Saaby emphasizes.

About is one of Europe’s leading and innovative web hosting providers with over one million customers in 149 countries. Founded in 2002 in Denmark, provides award winning web hosting to both individuals and business users. has more than 250 employees, a strong financial position and is prepared to meet the challenges of the future. From multiple datacenters located in Europe and North America, hosts web servers and applications and provides services to customers worldwide. In a comparison of web hosts, has received many industry accolades for product coverage, performance, security, and handling help and support.

Host1Plus selects Halon to improve email protection

Host1Plus and Halon Security have announced the implementation of Halon Email Gateway software, increasing email security at Host1Plus

San Francisco, Calif., March 24th, 2015. The international hosting provider Host1Plus and Halon Security, a leading provider of an email delivery and security platform, have announced their collaboration for the implementation of Halon Email Gateway, preventing the spread of email borne threats and extending the protection of Host1Plus users.

“At Host1Plus user safety is handled with great concern. Due to growing amount of threats, our main focus is to maintain and preserve the security of our users. As Halon Security has shown great results in their work with other companies, the decision to embrace their email security solutions for our security needs came naturally” – claims Andrius Kazlauskas, the co-founder and CEO of Host1Plus.

Halon Email Gateway enables Host1Plus to implement new technical functionalities, which will have a positive effect on the Host1Plus environment and therefore increase email security for overall operations.

“Halon Security’s main concern is to make sure we deliver what we promise – flawless technology for complex environments. We are honored to support Host1Plus and to help them secure their users”, says Jonas Falck CEO at Halon Security Inc. As recent reports have shown there is a significant yearly growth in email borne malware with comprised hyperlinks that reference malicious code. This is a clear indication that cyber-criminals are not planning to stop using emails as one of the biggest vector of attacks. What we can do in return, is to enforce our own security policies with correct tools to make sure we can act quickly and without compromise, when these attacks occur”, he continues.

Currently Halon Email Gateway software is being implemented in all Host1Plus locations. The implementation is supposed to finish by the end of the month.

About Host1Plus

Host1Plus is an international Cloud computing technologies empowered hosting company which provides shared hosting, Linux and Windows Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, domain name registration services and SSL certificates. Host1Plus is based in London, United Kingdom; some operations are directed from Kaunas, Lithuania and Frankfurt, Germany.

Halon supports the Hong Kong data center AsiaDC, significantly reducing spam in high threat region

San Francisco, Calif., February 4th, 2015 – Halon Security, a technology leader in email security, today announced the deployment and support of AsiaDC. AsiaDC is one of the leading Data Centers in Hong Kong that provides cloud computing and web hosting services in the Asia Pacific region. Actel Consulting; Halon Security’s consulting partner in the region has played a very significant roll in the process.

The deployment took place in the end of Q4, 2014 and Herry Yip, Director at AsiaDC is very pleased with the whole process:

– “Since we deployed Halon Email Platform we have seen significant reduction in spam, even Chinese spam, which is a big problem in this part of the world. This in turn reduced the workload of our support team, and even reduced the loading on our e-mail servers. Overall, security is also improved, since we are no longer seeing e-mail attached viruses and phishing attacks”, Herry Yip states.

With Halon Platform it is possible to lower costs and email server utilization, normally caused by dealing with spam, malware and viruses that enter the network via email. Halon Security’s solution is unique in the aspect of being able to perfectly fit into complex environments and infrastructures improving not only security, but over all running.

“Halon Email Platform is the only email platform for Hosting providers and datacenters as such. We often meet clients whom are concerned about the future and question how they can find a solution to perfectly fit their unique infrastructure –that’s where we fit in. Since it’s not just security, however this is important, it’s also an infrastructure platform that consolidates your typical SMTP routes and servers to a platform that that solves both security and issues around scalability. We see that hosting providers are wants to offer best secured email infrastructure at a low cost without painful maintenance, costs and support, that’s where we are the perfect fit. We’ve thought about that and by result, built a very flexible technical solution that will seamlessly fit into any complex hosting or mail service environment, by this not only reducing workload, but as purposed increase security”, says Jonas Falck CEO Halon Security Inc.

Key features of Halon

  • Reduces complexity and eliminates the need to maintain several different applications
  • Built to seamlessly fit into any complex hosting or mail service environment
  • Reduce development time, implement new features and adapt to changing demands through Halon Security Script Engine
  • Enterprise-grade security at hosting-grade performance

“There are different solutions on the market that may work, but not without compromise for the client. Halon E-mail Platform is the only solution where these thoughts and worries are of yesterday. We are unique in our offering toward these types of environments, only because of genuine experience and thoroughly evaluated scripting capabilities with our product”, Jonas Falck continues.

Download printable version.

Halon collects yet another award

Halon Security yesterday evening won the prestigious award for SME Security Solution of the Year. The award is organized and distributed by The Computing Security Awards, now in their fifth year and is based out of London, UK. Last year Halon Security won the Messaging Security Solution of the Year.

We had a fantastic evening and are very pleased to win an award that recognizes how flexible our product scalability options are. As our e-mail security solution is primarily build for complex environments such as Cloud, Service and Hosting Providers, but of course we master SME – we go both ways, says Peter Falck CEO at Halon Security.

The Computing Security Awards were set up to recognize the solutions and the solution-providers, which have been particularly impressive in the fight against security threats. These awards are well-known and well-respected by end users and by the supplier community. On-line nominations have established the finalists and also determined the winners. Download the press release (in Swedish)


Support for Google Compute Engine

San Francisco, Calif., August 20th, 2014 – Halon Security, the technology leader in email gateways, today announced the next generation of email security for hosting providers and enterprise clients. It delivers a unique solution with a multi-tenancy platform for hosting providers and the most demanding IT-infrastructures.

Halon’s new release incorporates improved performance, optimized for large enterprise and hosting email routing, new outgoing scripting SMTP capabilities and the deployment support on Google Compute Engine (GCE).

We’ve been technology leaders within email security and also understanding the mindset of hosting providers for a long time. We are proud to say our great insight is due to the close collaboration we have with leading hosting and cloud providers, but also because we’ve kept our focus and close monitoring of trends and threats, said Jonas Falck, CEO at Halon Security Inc.

Furthermore the new release also includes a numerous list of improvements such as: the dynamic outbound scripting and expanded subset of functions, port link aggregation and one of the main highlights; support of Google Compute Engine

“Google Compute Engine is a well-known and confident platform to run your business cloud services, I’m very excited that we support Google cloud services. We have a long reputation of building world class software and best of breed solution for the most demanding customers, leading way ahead of competition”, Jonas Falck continues.

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Nominated in 3 categories in Computing Security Awards 2014

Halon Security has once again been nominated for excellent e-mail security products in the UK based Computing Security Awards. Halon Security is nominated in three different categories, defending one winning post from 2013. On-line nominations have established the finalists.

We are obviously proud to be acknowledged as one of the main players in our industry. To be nominated in three categories for this year, evidently gives us proof that we are constantly ahead and that we meet the technical requirements that our users value in an email security product, says Peter Falck, CEO at Halon Security AB.

 Halon Security is nominated in the three following categories: 

  • Anti Spam Solution of the year
  • SME Security Solution of the year
  • Messaging Security Solution of the year (defending champions 2013)

The Computing Security Awards were set up to recognize the solutions and the solution-providers, which have been particularly impressive in the fight against security threats. Now in their fifth year, these awards are well-known and well-respected by end users and by the supplier community. On-line nominations have established the finalists.

For more information on the event and also to place your vote, please visit their site.

Printable (PDF) versions:

Västra Götalandsregionen väljer Halon; effektiviserar och att höjer säkerheten för intern och extern digital kommunikation (Swedish PR)

Halon Security AB, Sveriges ledande epostsäkerhetsföretag vinner förtroende hos Västra Götalandsregionen och implementerar IT-säkerhetslösning för organisationens 50 000 anställda. Implementeringen innebär således säkrare e-postkommunikation både internt och externt.

Västra Götalandsregionen väljer nu att effektivisera och höja säkerheten för e-postkommunikationen. Organisationen arbetar inom hälso- och sjukvård, tillväxt och utveckling samt kollektivtrafik och har över 50 000 anställda. Västra Götalandsregionen har ca en miljon inkommande e-brev varje vecka och e-post är en av de viktigaste funktionerna för organisationens interna och externa kommunikation. Kravet på säkerhet för kommunikationsmedlet är därför extremt högt och det tekniska skyddet måste uppfylla alla rekommendationer från myndigheter och PUL, något som Halon Security gör. Västra Götalandsregionen har genom ATEA köpt e-post säkerhetslösningen från Halon Security.

– Vi är väldigt stolta över att Västra Götalandsregionen väljer vår e-postsäkerhetslösning, efter att de utfört en rad tester där det visat sig att Halon Security möter de kraven som ställs från offentlig sektor. Vårt gedigna arbete med teknik så som DMARC, som stoppar bedrägeriförsök – sk phishing, ger användaren den trygghet de behöver, säger Peter Falck, VD på Halon Security i Sverige.

Effektiviseringarna som Västra Götalandsregionen nu genomgår för digital kommunikation innebär att administrationen minimeras vid behandlingen av skräppost. Organisationens tekniska driftmiljö är av naturliga skäl komplex, den ställer stora krav på flexibiliteten på e-postsäkerhetslösningen och administrationen av e-postsäkerhetssystem för en sådan miljö är oftast omfattande.

”Om man väljer rätt lösning finns det istället pengar att spara, menar Peter Falck. Varje anställd spenderar många timmar i månaden på att leta efter e-post i spamfilter, något som kostar både små och stora företag eller organisationer mycket pengar, tillägger han.”

Halon Security är det första och det enda IT-säkerhetsföretaget som på användarens egen server, kan erbjuda tekniken som minimerar bedrägeriförsök – ”phishing” Tekniken som heter DMARC bygger på att minska förekomsten och att stoppa e-post av denna karaktär, redan innan dem når mottagaren. Risken för att ens öppna dessa brev således minimeras och dem finns heller inte att hitta i något spamfilter, som höjer säkerheten ytterligare.

Download printable version in Swedish.

Partnering with UnitedLayer to secure UnitedCloud

Halon Security’s firewall, router and load balancer products offer an additional level of security for users of UnitedLayer’s secure public cloud with on-demand provisioning

San Francisco, Calif, February 25Halon Security, the technology leader in Email Security, Routers, and Load Balancers, today announced that Halon Security’s secure firewall, router and Load Balancer will augment and secure UnitedCloud, a VMware-based secure public cloud for enterprises and SMBs.

UnitedLayer, a leading Hybrid Hosting provider, selected Halon Security to provide proven enterprise-grade security features for UnitedCloud at a price point amenable to companies of all sizes.

“UnitedLayer is known for providing exemplary service with a unique comprehensive hybrid solution, comprised of public and private cloud solutions, colocation, and disaster recovery services,” said Jonas Falck, CEO of Halon Security Inc. “We’re proud to integrate our best-in-class security solution to offer another layer of protection and security for UnitedLayer’s customers in order to fortify their public cloud servers with Halon’s security expertise.”

By minimizing the amount of risk associated with their virtualization initiatives, UnitedCloud users can now increase their productivity by dedicating their time and resources towards other parts of the business.  Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, require high network security and can’t risk having their proprietary data compromised or risk having their servers attacked. UnitedCloud’s virtual hosting customers can now rely on Halon’s integrated security features to limit system downtime.

“UnitedLayer provides enterprise-grade hybrid cloud solutions with built-in security features like 2-factor authentication, Denial of Service attack mitigation, intrusion detection, and log monitoring, and this partnership enables us to provide additional layers of security to our customers” said Abhijit Phanse, CEO of UnitedLayer. “With the integration of Halon’s security features into our Virtual Data Center, our customers can add Halon’s Cloud Firewalls and Load Balancers to fortify their public cloud servers thereby creating an unparalleled security platform”

Halon’s Cloud Firewalls and Cloud Load Balancers can be found as networking options within UnitedCloud’s Virtual Data Center Configurator.

To learn more, please visit Halon Security (booth #235) at the RSA Conference this week (February 24-28) at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

Enhanced Hyper-V, KVM and Xen support with 5x speed improvement

New update offers extended choice of commercial and open source virtualization platforms and improved VMware network support.

San Francisco, Calif, February 25, 2014 – Halon Security, the technology leader in email gateways, today announced an update that now offers full integration with Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, and Xen virtualization platforms, in addition to VMware vApp. Improved hardware utilization and VMware network support has quintupled delivery performance speed when compared to previous versions.  Halon Security’s Email Security System has always had a reputation for quick and easy deployment, and now it also offers unsurpassed flexibility and performance on any of the leading commercial or open source hypervisors.

The dynamic data center has arrived and Halon is committed to supporting it with the most flexible, high performing, easiest-to-deploy hosting and service provider solution,” said Jonas Falck, Halon Security CEO. “Halon recognizes that Microsoft’s Hyper-V is gaining market share against VMware and that many service providers want the option to deploy Open Source virtualization solutions as well. Halon Security’s Email Security System now gives providers a choice of strategies for moving from legacy hardware towards new virtual architecture.

The network and security infrastructure of hosting and service providers has been following the lead of datacenters and cloud providers by moving from legacy hardware installations to fully virtualized software solutions. Now that Halon’s Email Security System can harness any of four virtualization platforms, hosting and service provider customers can deploy and scale virtual machines quickly and automatically to maintain performance under the heaviest workloads. All with fewer IT resources needed than in the past.

Halon provides rich support for all four hypervisors, including:

  • VMware VMXNET3
  • Hyper-V para-virtualization, gigabit networks, VLANs, and SCSI disks
  • KVM Virtio para-virtualization and fast network and disk performance
  • Xen PVHVM

It also adds a host of powerful new features, including:

  • Concise and helpful logging throughout the system
  • Line graphs showing disk IOPS and latency
  • Automatic storage disk growth after resizing in the hypervisor
  • Warning message if no storage disk is found or configured
  • Message modifications displayed when browsing queued or quarantined messages
  • HSL scripting language optimizations
  • Increased swap partition size to 2 GB
  • Updated third-party-party components
  • Cache DKIM signature for all recipients

To learn more, please visit Halon Security (booth #235) at the RSA Conference this week (February 24-28) at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

Spil Games (online gaming giant) choose Halon; immediately eliminating spam and false positive issues

Spil Games moves from Barracuda Networks to Halon, proves to be a “set-and-forget” solution to address email spam and false positives.

San Francisco, Calif, November 28, 2013 — Halon Security, the technology leader in email security, security routers and load balancers, today announced that Halon’s solution solved Spil Games’ spam email issue, almost immediately eliminating massive volumes of spam emails and false positives without compromising its filtering process. Spil Games moved to Halon from Barracuda Networks email security solution after it failed to address their needs. To download the full case study.

Within half a day of deploying Halon, all our spam email problems were solved, said Rogier Gerritse, Spil Games’ head of office IT. Halon Email Security automatically terminated connections from known spammers and almost immediately, all of the spam emails disappeared. From there on in, we haven’t had any problems and our spam issues are a thing of the past. We know that whatever comes down the line with regards to email security, Halon will have it covered.

Invaluable for Spil Games is Halon’s effectiveness in greylisting potential spammers as possible spam email messages are temporarily rejected by the system and then evaluated. Spil Games’ technical personnel are no longer constrained by an ongoing need to effectively manage spam. Unlike its prior experiences with Barracuda’s solution, Spil Games has discovered that Halon effectively manages even massive volumes of spam, requiring only minimal management from employees and zero downtime.

Halon works hard to constantly improve their product, predicting threats down the road and enhancing its solution to adapt to these threats before they become an issue, says Gerritse. Halon has an excellent interface, which is constantly upgrading and innovating. Logging and searching within the appliance has improved tremendously.