Beware of ransomware, read the cyberthreat report

Ransomware illustration

Cyberthreats are real, with ransomware Petya being the latest example, following WannaCry and Locky. Take some time to read this high-quality report made by security technology company Cyren, courtesy of Halon.

Download Cyren Cyberthreat Report (pdf)

Table of contents:

  • The Rise of Ransomware
  • Ransomware by the Billions
  • Locky: Understanding 2016s Most Prolific Malware
  • How Ransomware Works
  • Evading Detection Through Adaptation
  • Ransomware-as-a-Service
  • Companion Ransomware: Two-Malwares-in-One
  • The Locky of 2017? Look Out for Jaff
  • The WannaCry “Ransomworm”
  • IT Manager Surveys in the US and UK: Ransomware is a Reality
  • An Interview with the Researchers Tracking Ransomware
  • Stopping Ransomware: Best Practices
  • Creative Ransom Demand
  • Cyren GlobalView Threat Trends Q1 2017


Download Cyren Cyberthreat Report (pdf)

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