Serial entrepreneur David Chartier becomes advisor for Halon

American serial entrepreneur David Chartier has agreed to become an advisor for Halon. David has been working in the cyber security space since 1996 and started his first company Infostream in Oslo, Norway. It was then listed on the Oslo stock exchange and later sold to French company Integra.  After that, he ran and built up a number of successful companies that were sold. Most recently he was the CEO of Codenomicon, a Finnish cyber security company which was sold to Synopsys.

So why has he taken an interest in Halon?

Email is critical aspect of all most all businesses and everybody’s daily life.  Secure email is going to be needed by all business and individuals and Halon’s secure mail platform offers a new way for business to improve the security and privacy of their their email system.

he says. David has plenty of experience ramping up sales, adoption of new technologies and products, and have worked extensively in Europe and USA. This is where he expects to be of help to Halon. He is also actively working to help promote secure software development practices to both small and large companies and spend a lot of time improving the security of medical devices with an organization called MDISS.

I think there is a great opportunity for a secure email platform that is modular and can be used to easily add best of breed point solutions into an already robust platform.

Halon COO Per Stenman is happy about the addition to the team:

David Chartier is a great person and asset to Halon and the international growth, especially the US market entry in the next level. Also adding to the corporate strategy and insights from driving a number of businesses to serious value growth, David will bring to the Halon team strict and real insights.

Are you operating email services?