Halon Security presents new email gateway appliance; SPG-150

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, 17 Jun 2010 — After great success with SPG-100 and SPG-200, Halon Security is consolidating the features of these two models into one great package with greater performance, support for IPv6, DKIM, DNSSEC and plenty of other new features.

SPG is perhaps most easily described as a firewall for email servers. It features all the great functionality of its sibling, VSP which runs under VMware or Xen hypervisors, but is sold in an appliance format. This is a great solution for any customer who wishes to cluster several SPG:s together, or maybe rent a single rack unit space in a co-location facility for an off site email protection solution.

The all new SPG-150 is the smallest model in the SPG family. It features an attractive 19” format that only uses one unit rack space. The SPG-150 can examine, dissect and deal with up to 190,000 emails per hour, which is twice the number of emails in the older SPG-100 and SPG-200.

Customers who wishes to offer it’s users a quarantine to examine email that for some reason has been caught in transit to the customers email server, will appreciate the built in hard drive with a 160 gigabyte storage capacity, which in almost every situation will eliminate the need for an external storage solution.

— The team at Halon Security took the SPG family to a whole new level with the SPG-150, which is mainly designed around customer requests for enhancements of the older models in the SPG family. As always, we listen to our customers and work very hard to deliver solutions that make our customers lives a bit easier, says Peter Falck, CEO at Halon Security.

As per usual, Halon Security delivers a world class graphical user interface for both users and administrators which features intuitive and easy-to-use ways to harness the power of the SPG-150.

In it’s standard configuration, the SPG-150 will protect up to 100 email accounts. Customers who have a need for protection for additional email accounts can extend their license with 50 or 100 users per extension. As all models in the SPG and VSP families, the SPG-150 offers support for IPv6, DKIM, DNSSEC and support for GlobalView as standard, all of which used to be optional features in the older models. The all new SPG-150 is available now at all Halon Security partners and resellers throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. Please contact a partner in your country for a price quote.