Halon SP 3.1 based on FreeBSD 9.2 and restructured UI

We’re just about to release a new version (codename “lucky”) of our e-mail security gateway (SP), based on the latest FreeBSD version (9.2) in an attempt to track new FreeBSD versions as closely as possible. Our users will get benefits directly out of the amazing work of the FreeBSD team;

  • Improved performance in many areas, increasing the throughput of the system
  • Support for KVM’s VirtIO, allowing for more efficient network and disk accesses
  • Numerous updates in drivers, services, external projects, etc

In addition to that, we’ve improved the web interface even more, making it more convenient for customers with large clusters and traffic volumes. For example, the rate control page now has thresholds, and persistent search filters. Another new feature allows you to create interval statistics (for example “daily”) using the the rate() function instead of stat(), with a script such as

rate("daily-stat", "delivered", 10000000, 3600*24);

and use that when creating pie chart such as


Finally, the web interface’s menu is simplified, and if you’re running a cluster, your default page will be a cluster overview.
The logic behind the new menu, is to avoid having two “Activity” menus. Instead, both clustered and non-clustered versions of those pages (reporting, mail tracking, logging and rate control) are accessed from the same menu. The “node selector” in the upper right corner is used to switch between specific nodes, or the cluster as a whole. All configuration (which is mainly clustered, except for network settings and node overrides) has its own place in the menu, indicated with the dark blue color. Configuration management such as revision management and plain-text editing is placed in the bottom of the Configuration menu.

We hope you will enjoy this new release, and appreciate all feedback we can get!