Microsoft Exchange Server Designer Mark Weiler Becomes Advisor For Swedish Email Security company


Mark Weiler, former designer of Microsoft Exchange Server and currently SVP of Engineering at Rubicon Project, has joined the advisory board of the Swedish early-stage growth company Halon’s scriptable SMTP software provides scalable email infrastructure and security for hosting providers, Telcos, Email Service Providers and Enterprises.

Mark Weiler Halon Advisor

Mark Weiler

Mark brings 25+ years of technology leadership to Halon, including developing Email SMTP and X.400 transports Microsoft, and a highly scalable personalized email marketing solution at the multi-channel marketing company MyBuys. 

“Email has always been a passion of mine since my time at Microsoft working on messaging transports and protocols. Email in particular has numerous application tier use cases for B2C, B2B and continues to be one of the most used and effective means of communicating between people”, commented Mark.   

“Halon has a strong technology team who developed a superior email and security solution that has huge potential to reshape how Hosting Providers, Telcos, Email Service Providers and Enterprises utilize email. Halon’s email and security solution was designed from the beginning to be highly scalable and support even the highest volume provider’s needs. It runs on widely available commodity hardware, unlike the competition which requires expensive specialized hardware. In addition, Halon’s product is highly customizable to tailor to the unique needs of each customer with a powerful scripting language. This combination of adaptability and scale is unique in the marketplace and clearly sets Halon apart from the competition.”, said Mark Weiler.

As one of the founding members of the Halon Advisory board, Mark is helping develop Halon’s strategy, positioning, and technology architecture. Halon is increasing it’s presence on the international market, especially in the US, and has therefore looked closer at what people could have supporting roles around the company. Advisors within product development, sales strategy and venture capital is highly valuable.

“Mark has a great background in and experience from Silicon Valley, with a distinct focus on the holistic view of early growth companies. Halon is meant to be a clear and global player in the industry of email infrastructure in the near future. Adding a strong industry profile like Mark to our team gives us great support on our journey”, says Halon COO Per Stenman.