Halon 3.2 based on FreeBSD 10 in the pipeline

We’ve been using beta and release candidate versions of FreeBSD 10 for some time, so that we were prepared to ship a major update based on FreeBSD 10, shortly after it’s announced. It has received lot’s of testing, with only a few issues (reported upstream). FreeBSD 10 brings numerous improvements, and we’re very pleased with its stability as well.

Some of the improvements that our customers will notice and enjoy are;

  • LDNS and Unbound as replacement for BIND (as resolver and DNS cache)
  • Hyper-V para-virtualization, bringing gigabit networking, VLANs, accelerated SCSI disk support, and much more.
  • Virtio (KVM) para-virtualization, for greatly improved network and disk performance
  • Support for VMware’s VMXNET3 driver
  • Support for Xen’s PVHVM mode, an hybrid virtualisation mode
  • Improved AES-NI support bringing higher encryption performance
  • Ability to grow mounted filesystems, allowing us to automatically resize the storage disk
  • Using the innovative clang as compiler

In addition to this, we’ve overhauled large portions of our systems (this is a major release, after all), including (but not limited to);

It’ll be available within short, when it has passed its testing phase.