Security router 3.3 based on OpenBSD 5.5

With the coincidentally even version numbers 3.3 and 5.5 respectively, the new security router release (codename “amber”) was rolled out during the last few days. As usual, updating is as simple as pressing the “update” button, which downloads, verifies and writes the latest software image over the system partition. New users can grab the full installation image.

It mainly focuses on virtualization, with new para-virtual drivers for VMware and VirtIO and VXLAN support (developed by OpenBSD’s reyk). Users that work with the underlying OpenBSD system via root access will enjoy many benefits, such as cryptographically signed packages.

People that deploy the system in a bare-metal fashion will benefit from updated Intel drivers for new platforms such as the AES-NI capable and cost-effective Atom C2000 series.

Among the small, but yet loveable, improvements are “paste” support in the HTML5 terminal emulator (remember, we do terminal emulation in the backend process over SOAP for security separation reasons) which means that you no longer need to bring up the “input” field in order to paste text into it.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release, and please report any hardware that you’ve successfully installed it on, so that we can update our supported hardware page.

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