Security router 3.4 based on OpenBSD 5.6

Although not as catchy as 3.3 on 5.5, we are proud to announce the latest release 3.4 (codename “angel”) of our firewall/router side project. It’s a maintenance release that brings our codebase in sync with OpenBSD’s latest advancements, which includes

  • Added hardware support; most importantly (for a firewall) network adapters
  • Much improved filter syntax in the load balancer “relayd
  • The Unbound caching DNS server

New users can grab the full installation image, and current users updates as usual. However, because of configuration syntax changes in OpenBSD, please take an extra look at the release notes and make sure that you backup/snapshot the system before updating.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release, and please report any hardware that you’ve successfully installed it on, so that we can update our supported hardware page.

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