The Halon email platform comes with many tangible business benefits

DuoCircle, a global email service provider talks about the successful migration of Dyn legacy email receiving products to the Halon email platform. DuoCircle’s CEO and Founder Brad Slavin was challenged with migrating Dyn’s legacy email infrastructure within 30 days. The result, a successful migration within the timeline, thanks to the scalability of the Halon email platform along with the support team at Halon Security.

Also many tangible business benefits came as a result, due to the Halon email platform extended functionalities. DuoCircle are now saving 30% on operating costs and has reduced the time of managing networks by 90%. It has improved customer response time from hours to minutes.

To learn more about how the Halon email platform for hosting and Service providers can improve your email infrastructure, please contact us.

More information on DuoCircle implementation of the Halon email platform

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