Introducing Jonas Falck – Halons handy nerd co-founder

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I want to work for myself, as egoistic as it may sound, I want to be a creator. Jonas Falck eat, sleep and breath Halon. As a co-founder, product developer and evangelist, he is essential to the team. But he is also the acting enfant terrible of the group, the one with the most unread [...]

Over 2000 dollars to cancer research when Halon wins Ibrahimovic’s shirt in charity auction

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Halon was attending IT company Atea’s yearly partner meet-up in Stockholm when the host announced a charity auction. That’s when we became the proud owner of a signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic shirt from Paris Saint-Germain, and the equivalent of 2100 US dollar was donated to the Swedish cancer research fund. […]

Halon selected finalist in 2017 Network Computing Awards

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Halon has been selected finalist in no less than three categories in the 2017 Network Computing Awards. Voting is now open and you can vote for Halon as “IT Optimisation Product of the Year”, “Software Product of the Year” and for the “Return on Investment Award”. […]

TES meeting on email security at Old Trafford in Manchester

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Email security was the topic of discussion at another Open-Xchange sponsored TES event held last Thursday in the fantastic setting of Old Trafford Stadium, the home of Manchester United. BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet, three of the largest ISPs in the UK, had delegates in attendance along with Halon and Cloudmark. This intimate group discussed the challenges facing email security as it stands today and how they could collaborate going forward to improve the state of affairs. […]

Karim Parto is the new CCO of Halon

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Meet our brand new Halon Chief Commercial Officer! We could not have wished for a better Christmas present than Karim Parto. Starting now, he will be in charge of sales and probably be the face you meet at all the upcoming industry events. […]

A hungry and fast-flying Sales Manager to join the Halon team

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The peregrine falcon in it’s hunting dive can reach speeds of around 320 km/h, making it the fastest animal in the world. It almost competes with the speed that we demand of our new Sales Manager. You could also benefit from have some the peregrines other traits, such as being a strong hunter, highly trainable [...]

Game on at NamesCon

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Peter Falck (left) and Karim Parto. January 22nd is getting closer, and so is the 4th annual edition of NamesCon! Peter and Karim are looking forward to seeing you there. […]

Top 10 reads on email security 2016

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It’s been an exciting year in email security and infrastructure, and the Halon team has tried to cover some of the interesting stuff we’ve come across. In case you missed any of it, these are our top posts on email, security, tech and encryption. If  you have questions around any of it, just shoot us an email! […]

This year, wish lists will be sent to Santa via email

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Ever got an email from Santa Claus? Me neither, but in this day and age I’m assuming it’s just a matter of time. And when I do, I want to see his face in the ”From”-field. Yes, I said face, not name. […]

DuoCircle reduced time to manage the network by 90%

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DuoCircle is an entity that was established for the migration of Dyn’s legacy email receiving products customers to a more powerful and feature rich email handling platform. They were challenged with migrating Dyn’s legacy email infrastructure to provide simpler and easy to use configuration files, reducing hardware hosting costs and ensuring better customer satisfaction. […]