Email Security Gateway for businesses and organizations

Prevent phishingProtect your users from the latest identity theft, password scams, ransomware and other incidents. Intercept all emails containing suspicious content or URLs. Halon Email Security Gateway manages and filters all inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organizations from email-borne threats. Implement it easy with standard settings, or adjust it to fit your exact needs, without compromises.

Inbound protection with top notch filtering

With the latest anti-virus, anti-spam and malware detection technology, that constantly updates in real-time, Halon detects the latest threats. We also block unwanted content using MIME type and extension filters. Protection against inbound malware, spam and phishing ensures that business productivity isn’t impacted by attacks through the email system.

Outbound protection with encryption

DANE transport encryption technology ensure that sensitive data cannot be viewed by outside attackers. Outbound filtering certify that outbound email complies with DLP policies. Full scriptability enable adherence of detailed requirements. Infinite scalability ensures continuous efficiency whenever the company structure may change.

No need for quarantine and hunting lost email

Stop spending hundreds of hours per year on searching for lost email in spam folders or quarantines. With reCAPTCHA Validation, a message that was classified
as spam will include a challenge in the error message that the sender receives where they can report a misclassification. The sender has to verify that they are not a robot using the Google reCAPTCHA technology after which the recipient receives an automatically generated message containing the report and can then choose to release the message or not.

Try for free, buy per user

14 days free trial when you download directly from Available for deployment on-premises, as a virtual appliance or in a public cloud environment.
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Price suggestion 300 users: €127 /month
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Features - General Features - Inbound Features - Outbound
TLS, DANE and MTA-STS support Inbound spam, virus, malware filtering Outbound spam, virus, malware filtering
Clustering Advanced antivirus scanning technology DKIM Signing
Filtering during all parts of the SMTP transaction Routing DLP
Compatible with any mail server* Working with MIME parts Per User/IP/Domain authentication
File type blocking/management Archiving Rate Limiting
Extensive API for integration & automation Advanced host reputation/greylisting Dynamic IP source addressing
Reporting reCAPTCHA validation in quarantine/spam folder
Granular Log Search Automatic user detection and LDAP support
Email size restriction Whitelisting and blacklisting
Parallell live configurations Time-of-Click Protection (add-on)
Whitelabel options
User and permissions management
Revision-managed configuration
Frequent product updates and upgrades
IPv6 Support *Exchange, Zimbra, Post x, Exim, qmail, Lotus.

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