Guide for email service providers

6 features you need in your email platform

Are you thinking about switching to a new email platform? In this guide, we have identified six features all modern and efficient email platforms should contain.

Are you thinking about investing in a new email platform? Do you know what features you really need? A well-operating email platform handles the amount of traffic it is supposed to and is adjustable to varying conditions. All companies have different needs, but there are some features ‚Äčall ‚Äčemail platforms needs.

A feature like blue-green deployment can reduce both downtime and risks since the test can quickly be reverted if something goes wrong. Read more about blue-green deployment and why it is necessary, together with these other features:

  1. Blue-green deployment
  2. Revision-managed configuration
  3. Developer-friendly
  4. Rate limiting
  5. Clustering
  6. DANE and MTA-STS