Adding Software Defined Network (SDN) technologies to Security Router

Halon Security Router and Firewall Add New Support for VMware VMXNET3 and Google Compute Engine 

San Francisco, Calif., May 15, 2014Halon Security, the technology leader in email security, routers, and load balancers, today announced that it has incorporated Software Defined Network (SDN) capabilities that support Virtual Extensive LAN (VXLAN) into its security router and firewall solution. Now, Halon customers with large cloud computing systems as well as cloud providers are able to extend their network reach and scale virtualized datacenters worldwide. In addition to VXLAN, Halon Security has an Open API and programmable control plane, an integral component to SDN adaptation.

Cloud providers are looking for increased functionality, control and performance in their networks. Halon Security makes this achievable through its SDN solution’s strong API, scripting capabilities, and large cloud network support through VXLAN. The newly added support offers easy integration and provisioning, while increasing scalability up to 16 million logical networks.

The company also introduced new support for VMware VMXNET3 and Google Compute Engine as well as implementing the newly released OpenBSD 5.5. By adding more support for VMware, Halon cloud and hosting customers are able to offer faster networking performance to their clients. Support for leading cloud providers like Google Compute Engine ensures scalability, provision and stability that are truly best-of-breed. The quick implementation of OpenBSD 5.5 as a base platform continues Halon’s promise of quickly delivering cutting edge solutions to meet customer demand. With Halon, companies of any size are able to easily move virtual machines, increase performance, and deliver best-of-breed solutions.

Cloud computing users demand greater performance from their solution providers, said Jonas Falck, Halon Security CEO and Co-founder. Halon Security is dedicated to providing easy and inexpensive integration, security and enhanced performance. With this announcement we continue our commitment to offer best solutions.

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