Halon for System Integrators and MSSP

Email infrastructure is business-critical for many Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and System Integrators (SI). Halon lets you win business with confidence. Halon provides all you need to operate geographically localized, best-in-class, secure and cost-effective email services at scale.

Multi-layer dashboard

Halon's white-label Managed Service User Interface (MSUI) is designed for MSSP and SI. This multi-tenant solution allows administrators and users to customize settings, trace messages in real-time, look at statistics, and much more. This is a user-friendly interface for managing help desk functions, domains, and users, with a fully customizable feature list.



Threat protection

Halon integrates easily with all market leaders in content filtering, to protect you from both external threats and abuse. It’s also possible to incorporate advanced Data Loss Protection (DLP), phishing and ransomware protection with sandboxing and URL filtering.



By offering your customers an email security service that is ready to be integrated with the cloud, you can make sure that their mailboxes are growth-proof. Migrating email infrastructure to an orchestrated container or cloud environment can be challenging, but with us, you'll make sure that your customers get a seamless migration of their email infrastructure into the cloud. Also, Halon enables you to leverage modern tools like Kubernetes and Docker.

Why is Halon for you?

Email is business-critical for many customers, yet it often takes a long time to resolve email-related support issues. This is frustrating for customers as well as the support team. Halon's centralized track and trace make it quick and easy to find any transaction, both on the sending and receiving side.

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Extensive logging
Easy-to-use, fully multi-tenant message tracking and customizable charts makes it easy for end customers to get insight into their email security. It's built on Elasticsearch for speed, and comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities.
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Easy integration

Do you have your own solution to handle logging or customer information? If your answer is no, then no problem - it's easy to start with Halon. Thanks to our powerful scripting language, integrations can be achieved quickly and easily. Use your own data sources, integrate with our control panel MSUI, or a combination of both in a seamless manner.

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Security features

Halon are market leaders when it comes to email security and support existing and emerging encryption standards such as MTA-STS, TLS-RPT and DANE, client certificates in both server and client, as well as granular TLS protocol, cipher control and SNI. Extensive support for signing and verification is of course also included, such as DKIM, DMARC and ARC.

Customer cases



KPN is the largest telecommunications and IT service provider in The Netherlands. By using Halon’s MTA, KPN’s email platform is now able to match the market’s pace and stay competitive with other major players. But that’s not all.



bHosted is a hosting provider situated in the Netherlands and is known for its reliable web hosting and domain registrations at a competitive price. bHosted chose Halon for an on-premise, time-saving email solution.


Halon's edge is the logging, it’s so easy to find the information we’re looking for and we can give a faster response to the client.

Patrick Grimard, Maskatel