Halon for web hosting

Email is an integral pillar of a hosting provider’s offerings and influences their place in the market. Halon reduces complexity, slashes maintenance and provides rapid implementation of new functionality so you can focus on growth, not support tickets.

Flexible rules and routing

Utilize our flexible scripting language to achieve flexible routing for inbound and outbound messages. Select source IP depending on factors such as spam score or DMARC alignment to prevent blocklisting, or integrate with your control panel to fetch specific rules or allow lists.

Threat prevention

Halon integrates easily with all market leaders in content filtering, to protect you from both external threats and abuse. It’s also possible to incorporate advanced threat protection like sandboxing and time-of-click protection.

Why is Halon for you?

Halon provides a comprehensive solution that offers reduced costs, rapid implementation of new functionality and improved performance allowing you to excel in the competitive landscape.

The platform provides integration into any provisioning database thanks to the script engine, dramatically reducing complexity of message routing, policy application, or any other message handling.

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Email-centric scripting language
Keep up with your competition through rapid implementation of new technologies, with Halon's email-centric scripting language. Blue-green deployment makes it easy to try out new features and roll out changes in a safe way.
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Blocklist avoidance
Handle compromised and abusive accounts to avoid blocklisting, without bothering legitimate users. Combine the clustered rate limit with anti-spam and delivery failure, queue length per user or website, and use multiple classes of source IPs.
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Security features
Halon supports existing and emerging encryption standards such as MTA-STS, TLS-RPT and DANE, client certificates in both server and client, as well as granular TLS protocol, cipher control and SNI. Extensive support for signing and verification is of course also included, such as DKIM, DMARC and ARC.

Customer cases



One.com is one of Europe’s leading and most innovative web hosting providers with over one million customers in 149 countries. Due to their high-growth rate, One.com was looking for a platform that would reduce operating costs and could scale better over time. 



bHosted is a hosting provider situated in the Netherlands and is known for its reliable web hosting and domain registrations at a competitive price. bHosted chose Halon for an on-premise, time-saving email solution.


Halon enabled us to reduce initial capital cost, ongoing support and maintenance costs, rack space, and ongoing power and cooling requirements by up to 70%.