Email infrastructure (MTA)

The Halon MTA consolidates your email infrastructure, reducing risk and complexity. It makes email infrastructure scalable, simple to manage, rich in functionality and easy to evolve.

Flexible routing

Complex goals are easily achieved with the Halon MTA and its scripting language. From routing based on any available data to passing a message and delivering it over a HTTP API to your backend, we've got you sorted. 

Flexible queue management allows for powerful delivery control, for example, requiring TLS for specific destinations or separating traffic on different source IPs.

Security features

Halon supports existing and emerging encryption standards such as MTA-STS, TLS-RPT and DANE, client certificates in both server and client, as well as granular TLS protocol, cipher control and SNI.

Extensive support for signing and verification is of course also included, such as DKIM, DMARC and ARC.

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Unlimited possibilities

Our scripting capabilities enables you to integrate with any data source. For example, fetching DKIM keys from a hardware security module, routing information from an API or pushing logs to an external system.

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Extensive ecosystem

Halon can come bundled with security solutions from industry leaders and also supports all major providers. Our ready-made components make it easy to integrate with any solution.

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Fits your infrastructure

Relish in the freedom to choose. Halon is available as a fully-featured virtual appliance with a modern web interface or as regular Linux packages to support a containerized and DevOps-focused workflow. 

We were going to overhaul a very large platform and therefore needed a partner we could rely on - one that was willing to engage and had security at the forefront of their product.

Martijn Thie, KPN

Halon in your industry

No matter what vertical you operate in, Halon can support your business to scale, change and challenge standards. Discover how we are disrupting your industry.