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Halon 4.1 “teamy" with scripting modules

We shipped the 4.1 "teamy" release, and we're happy to see that the majority of our users have already updated. The 4.0 release brought several major changes, and 4.1 includes many improvements to it. The web administration in general, and the script editor in particular, have received lots of attention. The new live staging functionality that was

Live staging and SMTPUTF8 coming up in Halon 4.0

Halon 4.0 a.k.a. "forty" is around the corner, and it has a strong focus on developer friendliness and deployment. Let's take a peek on what's about to happen!
Santa holding a red letter

This year, wish lists will be sent to Santa via email

Ever got an email from Santa Claus? Me neither, but in this day and age I’m assuming it’s just a matter of time. And when I do, I want to see his face in the ”From”-field. Yes, I said face, not name.

What's new in Halon 3.5 "sunny"

Spring is here, and so is the 3.5 release (codename sunny) of the Halon SMTP software! It includes major features such as an IDE-style script editor and object orientation, is based on FreeBSD 10.3 and comes with the latest quarterly packages. In other words, this release marks another milestone for Halon's developer friendliness.

What’s cooking for the upcoming 3.4-r4 release

I just love hanging with our tech and R&D team; getting insight and early info about what’s cooking underneath the hood. Recently I had a chat with our lead developer, Erik Lax, who showed me a preview of the upcoming 3.4-r4 release.

The next release will include lots of new features and improvements, of which one specifically caught my attention;

Red Boxing Gloves Hanging

New email gateway release 3.4 “rocky”

We're very proud to announce the 3.4 release (codename rocky) of the Halon email gateway software! It’s based on FreeBSD 10.2 and comes with updates to virtually all components of the system; the CYREN anti-spam

Security router 3.5 based on OpenBSD 5.7

Image by OpenBSD

We've just released 3.5 (codename "star"), based on OpenBSD 5.7 which was released a few weeks ago. It comes with many improvements such as full

New email gateway release 3.3 "frosty" with powerful queue scripting and transparent proxying

The release candidate of the upcoming email gateway release 3.3 (codename frosty) is currently being tested, and it's packed with news. To start with, it's based on

Seamless migration to 64-bit

AMD announced what would become x86-64 in 1999, and the first CPU was shipped in 2003.

A few years later, we released the first version of our email gateway. At that time, many 1U servers and network appliances used the new "Pentium M" processor, thanks to its energy efficiency. It was 32-bit. That's how our 10-year-long 32-bit legacy began...

A few months ago, we got

Security router 3.4 based on OpenBSD 5.6

Although not as catchy as 3.3 on 5.5, we are proud to announce the latest release 3.4 (codename "angel") of our firewall/router side project. It's a maintenance release that brings our codebase in sync with OpenBSD's latest advancements, which includes

  • Added hardware support; most importantly (for a firewall) network

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