TES meeting on email security at Old Trafford in Manchester

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Email security was the topic of discussion at another Open-Xchange sponsored TES event held last Thursday in the fantastic setting of Old Trafford Stadium, the home of Manchester United. BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet, three of the largest ISPs in the UK, had delegates in attendance along with Halon and Cloudmark. This intimate group discussed the challenges facing email security as it stands today and how they could collaborate going forward to improve the state of affairs. […]

Top 10 reads on email security 2016

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It’s been an exciting year in email security and infrastructure, and the Halon team has tried to cover some of the interesting stuff we’ve come across. In case you missed any of it, these are our top posts on email, security, tech and encryption. If  you have questions around any of it, just shoot us an email! […]

How One.com reduced email costs by up to 70%

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Anders Saaby, CTO, One.com explains, “Due to One.com’s high growth rate, we needed to upgrade our existing email delivery and security infrastructure to a newer solution that scaled better in terms of performance and maintenance. One.com typically develop their own software and systems as this enables them to offer truly differentiated services with many unique features, at very competitive prices. This usually rules out many commercial products, as they cannot properly support and integrate into One.com’s sophisticated and highly customized platforms. […]

Why you need to demand high deliverability and security of email

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Trends come and go but fashion is always in style. 20 years of emails shows that it is a consistent way of communication, despite a relatively standstill in development. While the world sings their praise for new and sexy messaging services like Slack, gets rid of stationary phones, and transfer customer communication to Facebook chat bots, the B2B world still rely steadily on email. After three days of WebSummit in Lisbon, Portugal, I am even more convinced than before. […]

Can I haz secure email?

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Halon CTO Anders Berggren at Netnod Autumn meeting 2016, speaking about DANE and secure email.

Why everybody should use DMARC to prevent phishing

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Email is a major source of phishing and malware attacks. The Locky ransomware solely contributed to a 412% increase of malware emails in March compared to February, according to CYREN’s May 2016 cyberthreat report. While I believe that awareness and training is the most universally effective counter-measure, even that is really difficult, according to this recent study. We probably need a combination of training and technological advancements. One of the latter has to do with email authenticity. Can you trust an email’s sender adress? Generally no, but you can with DMARC. […]

What is DANE?

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DANE does not only challenge the certificate authority (CA) system, but also has the potential to revolutionize email security; namely making encrypted email delivery the norm. Halon Security’s mission is to bring DANE to the world of email and to help maintain data privacy and security on a global scale. The DNS-based Authentication of Named [...]

Unaffected by the GHOST vulnerability

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A software vulnerability in the Linux glibc library called GHOST has been discovered by Qualys, in some ways comparable to the highly critical Heartbleed. We have received a few emails from customers asking if the Halon software is affected, and the answer is no. The current release is based on FreeBSD 10, which has its own C library implementation. We [...]

Considerations regarding DMARC forensic reports, and other implementation notes

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DMARC is a great step forward for email, as it finally enables us to trust an email's From address. Because of the way that most mailing lists are currently implemented, we believe that email receivers who implement DMARC verification (mail hosting companies in particular) should avoid sending forensic DMARC reports (ruf=). The problem can be replicated [...]

Release released with DNSSEC root trust

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Today, on the 2nd of September we release Neat, right? Among the new features you'll find the DNSSEC trusting the newly signed root anchor, administration user interface improvements and the usual stability and performance enhancements. Now why would you care? Well, this could be your first step into the next generation of e-mail security. [...]