More secure with Time-of-Click Protection

Time-of-click protection adds an extra layer of security to protect email users, when ransomware, malware and phishing attacks are becoming more common.

The Problem

Attacks including malware, ransomware and phishing are becoming more common and more sophisticated with every day, along with users keeping more sensitive information. That is why you need URL classification with the highest possible accuracy. Halons regular protection will, as any email security service, do its best to deny links to malicious websites but is still limited to the record of such websites. If it has not yet been infected, or discovered, the message and the link will be deemed clean and let through to the inbox.

The Solution

With an additional time-of-click protection, Halon will classify the link in the email every time it’s clicked, before allowing or denying the user to visit it. This means that if the scammer waits two minutes or two months with infecting the site, the user will still be protected when he or she chooses to click the link. It’s the extra layer of security that won’t allow you to visit infected websites by way of a link in an email protected by Halon.


  • On-premise or hosted cloud
  • Front/backend architecture for high availability
  • Multi-tenant with companies and users
  • Supports branding
  • Multiple detection engines; CYREN, Sophos, Google Safe Browsing,, Spamhaus, SURBL, URIBL, PhishTank
  • Optional click history
  • Black/whitelisting


Time-of-click protection is an add-on to Halon SMTP software, and we recommend that you extend your license to include it. Pricing is set per user, with volume-based discount. Fill out the form to get your quote.