Reduce development time and costs with an MTA platform

The scripting on a platform created specifically for email enables you to create more with much less code. If you’re accustomed to a home-brew system based on open source components and decide to evaluate a comprehensive and scriptable email platform, you’re gonna find yourself spending less time on development and more time on value-adding strategies.

Common problems with open-source based systems

Many email service providers have built systems based primarily on standard open source components. It might work well for some, at least initially. After some time, however, you usually will be facing some of these scenarios:

  • The platform hasn’t been designed to scale with the company and eventually, it hits the roof. It becomes a crow’s nest; hard to maintain due to a large amount of complexity which has developed over time.
  • The company doesn’t have enough time to spend on updates and upkeep which can result in an outdated system.
  • The platform’s high complexity (which stems from the use of non-purpose-specific components) makes it hard to maintain. If key employees leave, the company risk losing important knowledge about how the platform works.

Why a purpose-specific platform might be your best solution

With an email security and delivery platform (ESDP), a huge part of the functionality can be integrated with the language of the new platform to provide low complexity as well as high robustness and performance. An ESDP combines the flexibility of building a tailor-made platform based on open source code with the advantages of a commercially supported product. As a result, you get a flexible, scalable, time-efficient solution with considerably reduced costs for development and maintenance.

The combination of the ESDP’s domain-specific scripting language, a comprehensive collection of functions of components, and DevOps tools such as built-in blue/green deployment (live staging) will free up engineering resources. You can also reduce the number of servers as a result of consolidation, optimizations and reduced overhead. It is a tightly integrated platform that compiles everything you need in a modern email service. If you are experiencing an ineffective system, or missing functionality such as DKIM, ARC, effective malware or phishing protection, you’ll find all those things in such a solution.

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