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Ultimate protection and performance for mailbox providers and telcos - secure, cloud ready, and cost efficient email infrastructure.

Maximize your email service

Take control of your email service and scale on-demand with modern cloud methodologies. Built with innovative technology, our email infrastructure software helps reduce churn, lower help desk costs and improve your overall customer experience.
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Protection at its core

Spam, phishing, and malware are threats to your customers. Abuse and compromised accounts are a threat to your infrastructure and reputation. Therefore, it is critical that the quality and security of your email service are never compromised. Guarantee email integrity with the latest security and privacy standards to reduce the risk of email-borne threats to your business.
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Learn what Halon can do for you

Halon provides a comprehensive solution that offers reduced costs, rapid implementation of new functionality, and improved performance allowing you to excel in the competitive landscape.
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Accelerated growth

Increase expansion opportunities with rapid deployment of our solution. Take advantage of our ready-to-use, low-code components that enables you to meet your clients’ demands faster, improve customer retention, and drive revenue for your business.
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Optimized performance

Don’t let high-traffic peaks slow your service down and ruin your reputation. Supercharge your service with the latest technology standards and developments in the industry. Effortlessly handle high volumes of traffic and ensure your service is always running at peak performance. 
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Reduced costs

Boost productivity, lower risk, and reduce help desk costs by consolidating your email infrastructure into a unified solution that can run on any platform, in any environment. Utilize modern cloud methodologies to enable 10x faster development than any other email platform.

Halon Protect Components

It has never been easier to create real value for your business with our components designed to take your email offering to the next level.

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Command & Control

Increase service competitiveness by gaining full control over email receiving, processing, and delivery. Develop 10x faster than any other email platform with Halon’s low-code scripting language, ready-made components, and modern DevOps methodologies. Granular policy control enables quick implementation of new anti-abuse techniques, improves reputation, and lowers help desk costs.

Ultra IO

High-traffic peaks can overwhelm the system and cause service degradation or a longer time to process external queries. Halon Protect effortlessly handles tens of thousands of concurrent transactions per instance. Designed for speed and high throughput, Ultra IO will reduce email delays and optimize server performance.


Utilize pre-built threat protection integrations to eliminate platform limitations. Integrate with an extensive range of applications, databases, and reporting tools to reduce cybersecurity risks.

Cloud Path

Reduce infrastructure and operational costs by leveraging modern cloud methodologies. Automatically scale up and down with traffic demands, regardless of whether you are running on-premise or using cloud providers.

Customer cases


An investment in innovation and competitiveness

KPN is the largest telecommunications and IT service provider in The Netherlands. By using Halon, KPN’s email platform is now able to match the market’s pace and stay competitive with other major players. But that’s not all.

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Maskatel reduces email support calls by 90%

Maskatel is an independent telecommunications company in Canada currently running approximately 20,000 mailboxes. In 2013, Maskatel was searching for a security solution that would improve their customer experience and reduce their inbound support calls.


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