The SMTP software for hosting providers

Halon™ is the scriptable MTA that provides anti-spam, routing, API integration, task automation, encryption, signing and much more


“Halon enabled us to reduce initial capital cost, ongoing support and maintenance costs, rack space, and ongoing power and cooling requirements by up to 70%”.

– Anders Saaby, – Leading European Hosting Provider


Halon™ is the scriptable SMTP software (MTA) that provides anti-spam, routing, API integration, event automation, encryption, signing and much more for hosting providers.  Customers rely on our expertise and best-in-class service to significantly reduce their operational costs and minimize the time dedicated to manual tasks with our award-winning automation, without unexpected consultant fees.  

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“Using Halon SMTP software DuoCircle reduced hosting costs and saved 30% on operating costs, reduced time of managing networks by 90% and improved customer response time to minutes from hours.”

Brad Slavin, CEO of DuoCircle – Leading US Hosting Provider

Why Do Hosting Providers Love Us

Spammers utilize cloud computing SMTP resources to launch outbound malicious spam campaigns using compromised accounts and stolen credit card data resulting in IP address blacklisting as well as costs associated with storage, fraud, and increased bandwidth. Halon’s secure scriptable SMTP software (MTA) leverages a trifecta of anti-spam tools to identify and stop spam before it leaves your network. Integration with numerous platforms (e.g. cPanel, Odin, WHMCS) are available. 

Halon’s MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) saves on time spent on network management with our award-winning event automation. Traditional email infrastructures require frequent manual intervention, wherefore our event management features enable hosting providers to reduce the time required to manage email hosting networks.

If you have a hardware-intensive environment or dealing with spammers, we invite you to test the power of Halon today.


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