Halon - The SMTP platform for service providers

The SMTP platform for service providers

Halon is a full-stack email delivery platform that is open and scriptable, targeted specifically at large-scale email infrastructures.

Halon enabled us to reduce initial capital cost, ongoing support and maintenance costs, rack space, and ongoing power and cooling requirements by up to 70%.

Anders Saaby,
One.com – leading European Hosting Provider

The challenge

Do you have email platform issues, including high maintenance and support costs from home-grown or boxy email solutions? Are you having problems with increased storage and bandwidth costs, as an effect of ineffective anti-spam solutions? Demands on high quality services are increasing, along with the total cost of ownership for hosting providers.

How do you improve your services and at the same time lower your costs?

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Reduce costs up to 70%

Are costs due to maintenance and support issues piling up? We can do something about that! Halon is an email software platform that is purpose-built to address all the challenges faced with large scale email infrastructures. Our SMTP platform includes all the functionality that you need in front of your email storage in an integrated and scriptable fashion. This reduces complexity and eliminates the burden of maintaining many separate systems.

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  • Improved customer service

  • Enterprise-grade security at hosting-grade performance

  • Multitenant scalability

  • Lower the total cost of ownership of email infrastructure

  • Lower storage and bandwidth cost with an improved anti-spam solution

  • Lower maintenance and support costs by consolidation of email infrastructure

Fits hosting perfectly

Many service providers are also software developers; the competition requires them to innovate beyond what standard products can deliver. Halon is the open, scriptable alternative to building and maintaining a home grown-system. Its email-centric scripting language enables you to rapidly architect the system that you need, without compromises. There are official plugins for cPanel, WHMCS and Odin that you can build upon.

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