Ready to transform your email infrastructure?

Standards, demands and the competitive landscape are forever changing. Halon’s fully customizable MTA can be adapted to every business need. It keeps you ahead of the competition, no matter the industry you operate in today or tomorrow.

Built for change

The unique flexibility Halon brings has attracted leaders across all industries. Our customers include international mailbox providers like telcos and web hosts, cloud security providers, CRM solutions and large scale senders such as email marketers, e-commerce and big brands.

Built to empower

With Halon, your team can build at speeds 10x faster than with general purpose components. Halon makes email infrastructure modern, scalable and robust with integrated blue-green testing and support for DevOps orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Ansible.

Built to secure

Halon delivers the future of email security with leading protection against phishing, spam and malware as well as emerging standards like Dane, EdDSA, ARC and BIMI. Security is hardcoded in our DNA.

How does Halon integrate into your email workflow?

The Halon scripting language is a domain-specific language (DSL) for the Halon MTA. Together with the native plugin system, it enables configuration and customization of the email processing and delivery behavior in a programmable fashion. We also provide DevOps tooling and easy-to-use management interfaces for maximum adaptability to specific uses.

You’ll get

The most feature-rich email processing platform, built for large-scale email services.
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Fully scriptable

Leave your competitors behind through rapid implementation and agile deployment. Halon's holistic approach cuts system complexity and enables you to quickly architect the solution that you want without compromises. Via script and plugin hooks throughout the MTA, there's no limit to what you can build.
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Container ready

The Halon MTA is designed for modern DevOps deployment and works great with technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible. Our event-based architecture can sustain blazing throughout and handle tens of thousands of concurrent connections, even with complex setups.

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Extensive ecosystem

Our tried and tested ready-made components give you a powerful foundation to use or build upon. The library on Github contains everything from content filter integrations to database connectors and drafts for evolving standards. They are open source, enabling modification to fit your specific needs.
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Virtual queues

Control concurrency and rate using any combination of parameters such as source IP, domain, MX, destination IP or other metadata. Easily group them with regex or wildcard to implement for example MX rollup.
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Advanced threat protection

Use the Halon scripting language to seamlessly integrate advanced threat protection into your workflow. Combinations of IP, spam, virus filtering, sandboxing, and time-of-click protection are all possible options.
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High security standards

Keep your system safe and secure with emerging encryption standards such as MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, and DANE, client certificates in both server and client, as well as granular TLS protocol, cipher control, and SNI.
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Deliverability automation

Throttles or suspends can be adjusted dynamically based on response patterns, bounces queue metrics and much more. Infinitely tailorable using the Halon scripting language.
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Signing and verification

Quickly implement and integrate existing and emerging standards for email authenticity, such as DKIM signing, DMARC verification, and ARC.
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Rapid implementation

Reduce deployment time and risks by running parallel versions of your configuration with traffic splitting. Make rapid implementations, reliable deployments and more. 

What they say

Halon let us exceed expectations. I wish we made the switch earlier; we could never have built a solution like this on our own.

Marc van De Geijn, Bhosted

Dive into the documentation

Explore our knowledge base, script reference and case studies to deep dive into the product specifications, system requirements, Halon’s product set-up and to hear from our customers.

Need more?

Choose from a range of Halon-approved add-ons to compliment your MTA and keep your system fully flexible.

Managed service UI

This ready-to-deploy portal designed for managed service providers (MSP) and system integrators (SI) allows their users and customers to change settings, trace messages in real time, look at statistics, and much more. This is a perfect add-on for businesses that do not build their own customer portal.
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Email Management

The MSUI add-on is a multi-tenant solution with a user-friendly interface. Advanced customer requests can be easily implemented thanks to the flexibility and scriptability behind the Halon MTA.
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Extensive logging and charts

Designed to be easy-to-use, the MSUI add-on is built on Elasticsearch for speed, comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities.
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Highlight your brand

Use the white-label capabilities to personalize your MSUI experience and ensure it aligns with your brand guidelines.

Threat protection

Benefit from leading email security, designed for large service providers. Our email security protects your users against any type of attack or attacker by leveraging multiple detection engines. Ready-made integrators for all leading filtering providers enables you to use the best solution that fits your use case. The flexible scripting makes it easy to tailor your user experience.
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Secure and reliable

Regardless of what threat protection you prefer, the Halon MTA is flexible and will ensure you are protected against any attack or attacker. Halon offers an add-on option from Cyren and Sophos that includes industry-leading protection against spam, phishing, and malware. 
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Outbound protection

Combine spam filtering and outbreak detection with rate limits to control your message flow and minimize the number of incidents caused by hacked accounts or websites. Effectively handle compromised and abusive accounts to avoid blocklisting, without bothering legitimate users.
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Advanced Protection

Give your users that extra peace of mind by easily integrating with advanced protection services such as sandboxing and time-of-click protection.