Halon supports the Hong Kong data center AsiaDC, significantly reducing spam in high threat region

San Francisco, Calif., February 4th, 2015 – Halon Security, a technology leader in email security, today announced the deployment and support of AsiaDC. AsiaDC is one of the leading Data Centers in Hong Kong that provides cloud computing and web hosting services in the Asia Pacific region. Actel Consulting; Halon Security’s consulting partner in the region has played a very significant roll in the process.

The deployment took place in the end of Q4, 2014 and Herry Yip, Director at AsiaDC is very pleased with the whole process:

– “Since we deployed Halon Email Platform we have seen significant reduction in spam, even Chinese spam, which is a big problem in this part of the world. This in turn reduced the workload of our support team, and even reduced the loading on our e-mail servers. Overall, security is also improved, since we are no longer seeing e-mail attached viruses and phishing attacks”, Herry Yip states.

With Halon Platform it is possible to lower costs and email server utilization, normally caused by dealing with spam, malware and viruses that enter the network via email. Halon Security’s solution is unique in the aspect of being able to perfectly fit into complex environments and infrastructures improving not only security, but over all running.

“Halon Email Platform is the only email platform for Hosting providers and datacenters as such. We often meet clients whom are concerned about the future and question how they can find a solution to perfectly fit their unique infrastructure –that’s where we fit in. Since it’s not just security, however this is important, it’s also an infrastructure platform that consolidates your typical SMTP routes and servers to a platform that that solves both security and issues around scalability. We see that hosting providers are wants to offer best secured email infrastructure at a low cost without painful maintenance, costs and support, that’s where we are the perfect fit. We’ve thought about that and by result, built a very flexible technical solution that will seamlessly fit into any complex hosting or mail service environment, by this not only reducing workload, but as purposed increase security”, says Jonas Falck CEO Halon Security Inc.

Key features of Halon

  • Reduces complexity and eliminates the need to maintain several different applications
  • Built to seamlessly fit into any complex hosting or mail service environment
  • Reduce development time, implement new features and adapt to changing demands through Halon Security Script Engine
  • Enterprise-grade security at hosting-grade performance

“There are different solutions on the market that may work, but not without compromise for the client. Halon E-mail Platform is the only solution where these thoughts and worries are of yesterday. We are unique in our offering toward these types of environments, only because of genuine experience and thoroughly evaluated scripting capabilities with our product”, Jonas Falck continues.

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