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Accelerating Omnivery’s launch with Halon Engage: A Mailkit success story

Based in the Czech Republic, Mailkit were in search of an email infrastructure vendor that would take their new offering, Omnivery, to the next level. That's when they met Halon. 

Mailkit, a leading email marketing automation platform from the Czech Republic, were looking for a new email infrastructure vendor that could support their strategic expansion - Omnivery. Mailkit wanted to launch Omnivery, a premium hybrid-cloud MTA that carefully curates its senders, ensuring that only reputable senders can join. Initially, Mailkit were only searching for an email infrastructure solution for Omnivery, but after successfully implementing Halon Engage, Mailkit switched out their incumbent solution for their core marketing platform as well. 


The founder of Mailkit, Jakub Olexa wanted to launch a new transactional messaging platform (hybrid-cloud MTA) called Omnivery. Mailkit wanted to bring Omnivery to the market fast and were considering different options. In the evaluation process, Mailkit realized that Halon Engage would give Mailkit a better competitive advantage than their incumbent vendor. Among other things, Mailkit saw that Halon offered better scalability and flexibility through its custom scripting language and an extensive function library. Mailkit also realized that they could build new features quickly on top of Halon Engage. The result? Being able to take Omnivery to market much faster.

“We found out that if we decided to go with Halon, we can fast track our product development considerably because a lot of features that we had as part of the MVP were not available with the solution that we used before.”

Jakub Olexa, Mailkit and Omnivery


Halon Engage, with its advanced features and flexibility, proved to be the ideal solution for Mailkit’s challenges. By leveraging Halon’s domain-specific scripting language and extensive library of features, Mailkit quickly built its new platform, Omnivery, and enhanced its customization. Halon Engage also handled both SMTP and API submissions seamlessly for Omnivery and provided flexible integration for developing new features for customers. Halon’s seamless integration and swift implementation enabled Mailkit to go to market faster with its new platform. 

“We were on the lookout for the fastest and most efficient way to bring our new hybrid-cloud MTA Omnivery to market and were happy to find Halon Engage. The specific requirements of SMTP/API submission and the scope of the service also lead to a decision not to use our incumbent vendor but Halon Engage instead. This allowed us to greatly reduce the time to market as Halon Engage can communicate directly with our backend. This alone made the implementation with Halon much easier as we didn’t have to develop our own SMTP server. “ - Jakub Olexa, Founder and CEO, Mailkit and Omnivery

After a successful and seamless implementation of Omnivery, Mailkit decided to switch to Halon for both email platforms. 

“After seeing all the benefits of using Halon Engage, it was logical for Mailkit to switch to Halon Engage. Some of the benefits we saw were; being able to scale efficiently, building new features faster, having more control, and a great support function.” - Jakub Olexa, Founder and CEO, Mailkit and Omnivery


Mailkit’s adoption of Halon Engage revolutionized its email services, bringing about significant improvements and tangible business benefits. By leveraging Halon, they were able to achieve:

Faster time-to-market: With Halon Engage, Mailkit could leverage pre-built features and email-specific scripting capabilities to develop and deploy new functionalities for Omnivery rapidly. This eliminated the need for extensive custom coding required by its previous solution, leading to a swift product launch.

Enhanced deliverability: Halon Engage’s Delivery Insights component provided Mailkit with real-time monitoring and analytics, offering valuable insights into email performance and user engagement. This enabled Mailkit to swiftly identify and resolve issues affecting deliverability, resulting in a more reliable service for its clients.

Centralized decision-making: Halon became the engine of Mailkit's email infrastructure, enabling unified control over both API and SMTP submissions. Mailkit can now make data-driven decisions in real time to optimize email delivery and speed up response strategies.

Reduced costs: With Halon eliminating the need for ongoing code maintenance and custom development, Mailkit achieved a 50% faster time to market. This not only accelerated the launch of Omnivery but also allowed Mailkit to create custom email flows that cater to specific client needs, further enhancing its service offering.

Improved customer satisfaction: The combined strengths of Mailkit and Halon Engage resulted in a more reliable, flexible, and feature-rich email service. This translated to faster delivery times, improved performance, and advanced features tailored to client needs, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Long-term partnership: Mailkit was impressed with Halon's exceptional support throughout the transition and integration process as well as the ongoing development of Omnivery’s new features. This fostered a strong partnership, leading Mailkit to migrate entirely to Halon for all its email needs.

No matter what email infrastructure you use, ultimately, it’s the support you receive that truly defines it. Halon has been our partner not only during the transition from our previous email infrastructure but also in developing new features that enhance efficiency and seamless integration with our existing setup.

Jakub Olexa, Mailkit and Omnivery

Percent reduction in code
Percent faster time-to-market
Months from Halon integration to Omnivery deployment

About Mailkit and Omnivery

Founded in 2006, Mailkit has been a frontrunner in the international email platform market, known for its commitment to best practices and its positive reputation with email providers and anti-spam systems.

Founded in 2022, Omnivery is the most secure, private hybrid-cloud MTA in the world. Headquartered in Austin, Texas USA with customers worldwide, Omnivery highly curates its senders ensuring the highest deliverability for all its customers.

By partnering with Halon, Mailkit achieved a faster time-to-market for its new platform, Omnivery.  Halon Engage's robust features and exceptional support continue to empower Mailkit and Omnivery to deliver a superior email experience for its clients.