Reduce risk by switching email delivery platform

If you’re operating an email delivery platform that’s growing in traffic but isn’t operating at its full potential, you might want to look for other options. There are of course challenges associated with switching platforms, but in the end, it can prove to be the best solution for your company.

The implementation process

If you are thinking about switching from your current on-prem in/outbound email system (including MTA) to commercial email security and delivery platform (ESDP), the implementation process usually follows the same path: You have an existing system which is to be modified and improved. In most cases, your current setup (or parts of it) is implemented into the new platform through a proof of concept (PoC). This process can take hours or weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your email service, but it usually takes at least a few days to get everything up-and-running.

You then assess the result of the PoC and make a judgment if you find it suitable for your needs. It might even be ready to be put directly into production operation, so you can be confident that the product is a good choice for you. It’s of the highest importance that the system is introduced gradually and carefully, to make sure that everything is operating smoothly.

Risks with home-brew solutions

There are several risks associated with building your own in/outbound email system with standard open source components. One of them is the system gradually turning it into a crow’s nest. If a few individuals are the only ones who fully understand the system and how everything is functioning, you will be depending on them. If or when they leave the company you will face huge challenges finding someone who can come in and solve occurring issues. A large home-brew system usually requires a lot of time for maintenance and continuous upgrades and updates. It can be challenging and time-consuming to identify the issues and resolve them.

You may associate a change of email infrastructure with something huge and hazardous, and that’s usually the case with on-prem solutions. The main risk with transferring to an ESDP would be the actual integration process of the old system to the new. But because of the beneficial email language of an ESDP and the possibility of integrated blue/green testing, this solution will be quicker to implement and associated with much less risk than other platforms. Read more about live staging; what it is & how it will benefit your company’s email service.

Upsides to an ESDP solution

An ESDP solution combines the flexibility of internally developed with the advantages of a commercially supported product, making it ideal for large scale email-providers. They are extremely flexible yet easy to manage. System administrators usually get a “wow” feeling when they’re starting to get familiar with the solution. A single individual can handle the whole infrastructure, which makes it very cost-efficient. The responsibility can easily be transferred to other people when necessary.

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