Three ways to reduce the operating costs for your email service

If you are using an on-prem, open source based solution for your MTA, you have the advantage of low initial investment costs with no license cost. But later on, your operating costs can start to become quite severe. Factors that can become quite expensive for an email service provider is server rents or costs for hardware, as well as various costs for updates, maintenance and development. Additional support costs can reside depending on the setup. You may also experience issues with complicated pathways, and various components may be coupled together in complex ways.

If you instead look at an email security and delivery platform (which includes the MTA), you initially have to pay for a license. The cost depends on price drivers such as the number of domains or mailboxes, and licenses are typically tailor-made for the client’s specific needs. An email security and delivery platform can best be described as the best of two worlds; it has the flexibility of an open source based system and the advantages of a commercially supported product. This means you have everything you need in a modern platform such as DKIM, ARC, anti-virus, and anti-spam bundled together, easily integrated with each other. And this is a solution that can be cost-efficient for your email service provider in several ways.

Reduced maintenance. If you are using an open source-based on-prem solution, you don’t have support if something goes wrong. But with a commercial MTA, you have a support team with you from the very beginning. After the software is installed, everything will proceed easily with regular updates being provided to make the platform run as smoothly as possible.

Reduced operating costs. With an email security and delivery platform, the customer can reduce the number of servers they are using, since all the functions are consolidated which is more efficient and result in usage of fewer servers. Fewer employees need to handle the infrastructure which is also an important part. We can also promise that we will vigorously eliminate the risk of mishaps.

Faster response to customer support. With this solution, it is easier to trace emails and handle troubleshooting. You do not have to go through as many components and systems. It is easier to manage since everything is integrated.

By indirect means, another thing that will prove cost-efficient is that you may decrease churn by offering a best-of-breed service with modern technologies for authentication and encryption, was well as and premium anti-spam. The time of detecting spam will be reduced from hours to seconds.Finally, you will be able to save money since your staff won’t have to spend as much time on maintaining and developing the infrastructure.

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