We are proud partners of the OX-Summit

– We are part of the growing ecosystem and as our friends in the community we have a given place. Happy to make it official: We are proud partners at the OX-Summit and ready to meet you!

The OX-Summit OXS15 is the 7th annual global conference that provides a unique opportunity for leaders across our industries to connect. The aim is to share ideas on how to drive innovation and create new business opportunities, expand and build new services. Needless to say – you can’t miss it!

The summit takes place on October 8-9th in Berlin, Germany at the fantastic venue – of Moscau Café that ages back to the mid 60ies. Berlin is a tremendous city of great history and now it’s time for us at the frontline to forecast the future.

To read more about what Halon Security aim to showcase at the conference – please read the blog post by our President and Founder, Peter on the OX website. And whilst you’re surfing their site – make sure to register for the Summit!

See you all soon, and have a look out for us on the exhibition floor.


If you desire support or if you’re in need of more information – please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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