Yihaa, our new website is finally here!

It’s hard to make the perfect website. Not just from a user-friendly and graphically creative way, but also to have a website that is easy to update, fun to use and that meets all the different demands from various visitors associated to different business levels.
We’ve evaluated, we’ve iterated, we’ve laughed and we’ve even brawled (just a bit) to get our new website going. And now we are very happy to announce; it’s live!

Our thoughts began with – we need a new website! NOW!
We identified our needs, but most importantly listened to our visitors wishes as we merged that into our shared wants: aiming towards creating an information hub for all our visitors independent of your business level.
Even if you’re a returning visitor or a “first-timer” our goal is that you should be able to find everything you need on our website. If that means information on how to get started, download your free trial, find hints on best practice or simply get in contact – It should all be on there, and you should find it. Quickly.

It is, as we believe in digital information should be, a work in progress and we will never say: “-Now we are done!” Our email platform and other projects we develop are constantly improving with the latest techniques and state of the art add-ons, therefor there will always be more information to share. However at this point, we can say that we’ve now improved our website and if you choose to follow our journey you will notice how we evolve.
Now go on, go and have a look! And make sure to send us your feedback as we always enjoy receiving.