Whether you're a telco, web hosting provider, system integrator or email service provider, Halon can help you optimize your email infrastructure. Meet your business needs and budget with our competitive pricing, while reducing costs, implementation time and churn.


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We’d love to talk pricing with you, but would need to get to know your specific needs a bit better first. Please provide as much information as possible about the problem you are looking to solve, as well as your number of users, domains, and volume of outgoing email. One of our email experts will get in touch.

Pricing overview

Meet your business needs and budget with our competitive pricing module. Reduce costs, implementation time and churn with the Halon MTA. Gain access to:

  • Best-in-class features
  • Ready-made components that can be tailored to your needs
  • Endless scriptability possibilities
  • Powerful integration points
  • Comprehensive threat protection 
  • An expert team to support you at scale
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Fully scriptable
Great developers shouldn't be limited. They deserve scriptability. Benefit from a complete custom experience with our own full stack toolbox.
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Container ready
We understand that running concurrent connections can be complex. Use our asynchronous model to eliminate the operational challenges and costs associated with scaling a business.
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Virtual queues
Ensure secure and on-time deliverability with granular throttling for rates and concurrency. Automatically adapt to changing circumstances with flexible policies.
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Advanced threat protection
Take advantage of our multi-tier spam, phishing, virus and ransomware protection with integrated content filters from your preferred provider.
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High security standards
We never compromise when it comes to security and neither should you. Implement best-practice standards for email authenticity, email encryption and protocol support.
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Extensive ecosystem
Our expertise speaks for itself. Our tried and tested components will help you reduce complexity, risk and time spent so you can focus on what matters most.