Case study

Maskatel Support calls concerning email are down with 90%

Maskatel is an independent telecom company, covering the Montreal and Quebec area in Canada. Their offerings are within three sectors; IP-tv, phone, and internet including email. They offer email to all business and residential clients, and are currently running approximately 20 000 mailboxes.

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  • Saving time and money on customer support
  • Happier customers
  • Flexibility as an advantage
The challenge: blacklisting, spam and hacked accounts ruining the customer experience

Around 2013 we had a situation where our support staff dedicated an overall amount of 40 hours per week to solving issues around email. It was mainly about blacklisting and accounts that got hacked.

Patrick Grimard, is the Senior telecom specialist at Maskatel, and has been with the company for ten years. Together with his colleague Phillippe Decary he went looking for a solution to of course handle white-, grey- and blacklisting and such, but preferably something IP based, where they could block on an IP base standard.

The solution: Halon stood out against the competition

We found about Halon through Gartners Magic Quadrant and decided to try it out. In the evaluation process we also tried Zerofail and Netmail. The access to logging and the freedom of configuring the exact solution that we wanted made all the difference, a cloud solution could never do that.

In the decision making process, Patrick was the tester and Philippe the project manager. It took them around six months to decide, since they wanted to test the three solutions from many security angles. So there was a lot of documentation to be done, but when they decided on Halon, it took Maskatel less than a month to get up and running. Today, around 75% of the Maskatel mailboxes run on Halon.

Halons edge is the logging, it’s so easy to find the information we’re looking for and we can giva a faster response to the client. But nowadays we don’t have that many customers contacting us about email troubles. Support calls concerning email are actually down by 90% and most issues can be handled by staff that are not even email specialists, since the interface is very user-friendly.

The CYREN anti-spam is great and we have so much fewer cases of blacklisting and hacked accounts to handle. That means I can focus on configurating our Halons the way we want them. I’m looking forward to digging deeper into the API and do some more scripting.

Key benefits

Saving time and money on customer support

Support calls concerning email are down by 90% and most issues can be handled by staff that are not even email specialists, since the interface is very user-friendly.

Happier customers

The user experience is obviously better with less spam, blacklisting and very few hacked accounts in comparison to our prior situation. And if they have to contact us, the response time is much shorter than before.

Flexibility as an advantage

We are able to tune the solution so it fits our needs, and that gives us a competitive advantage. We adapt to new challenges very fast.