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Halon now available through the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace

San Francisco, Jan. 14, 2016 — Halon Security, the provider of HalonTM, the SMTP software platform for service providers, today announced its participation in the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program. Inclusion in the program allows Halon Security to offer its SMTP software to businesses looking to improve their email infrastructure, reduce operational costs and secure their services for end-users.

CenturyLink Cloud customers now have the opportunity to download and deploy Halon. The software platform provides a scriptable approach to email transfer functions such as anti-spam, task automation, encryption, signing, routing and API integration. Once implemented, businesses will be able to update, run and manage the entire email transport and filtering infrastructure through one cloud-based and consolidated SMTP platform.

“We are happy to be able to offer our software to CenturyLink Marketplace customers. Our experience has shown us that all environments and demands on functionality are different, which is why we’ve built an SMTP software platform focused on flexibility and efficiency to allow seamless integration with any surrounding environment. Thanks to our unique SMTP scripting engine, the result is unparalleled and enables scalability, enterprise security and minimized administration,” said Jonas Falck, founder and CEO, Halon Security. “For one hosting provider customer, Halon’s SMTP solution reduced operational spending by nearly 70 percent. For other customers we’ve helped cut administration time by 90 percent* and reduce customer response time from hours to minutes.”

The CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program allows participating technology companies, like Halon Security, to integrate their solutions with the CenturyLink Cloud platform. These additional business-ready solutions are available to CenturyLink’s cloud, hosting and network customers.

“Defense-in-depth, a strategy to implement multiple layers of controls, is a tried and true approach to cloud security,” said David Shacochis, vice president of cloud platform at CenturyLink. “We’re excited to have Halon’s email security platform available to our customers as a tool they can deploy to reduce risk and protect messaging workloads. Service providers that use CenturyLink Cloud now have Halon as an option to improve their email efficiency.”

To start using Halon on CenturyLink Cloud today, refer to the getting started guide on the CenturyLink Cloud Knowledge Base.