Post: releases, tech | Jan 11, 2023

Halon 5.10 with delivery insights

Halon version 5.10 (code name “acuity”) is now available, and we’re excited to announce the new web interface with delivery insights. It provides real-time data on the delivery and queuing of your email, allowing you to monitor your sending and take action if needed. This information is crucial for understanding how effective an email campaign is at reaching its intended audience, and it allows marketers to identify and address any issues that may be preventing emails from being delivered.


But what about historical data, like bounces? Halon has you covered. We offer multiple integrations with different systems, including Elasticsearch which is a popular choice among many of our users. This means that you can easily access and analyse your historical data, providing valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns. Our ready-made Kibana dashboards provide a quick and easy way to visualise your data.

In addition to the new web interface, we have also released a number of add-ons. These include support for email submissions with templating and substitutions, as well as components for open and click tracking. These tools provide users with additional flexibility and control over their email marketing efforts. Other smaller but important updates include support for Ubuntu 22.04 and the ability to more granularly control outbound connections.

Overall, the new web interface and deliverability insights in Halon 5.10 are a significant step forward for email marketing professionals. By providing real-time data on the success of your campaigns, as well as support for historical data analysis and additional add-ons, this release makes it easier than ever to monitor and improve the deliverability of your emails.