Karim Parto is the new CCO of Halon

Meet our brand new Halon Chief Commercial Officer! We could not have wished for a better Christmas present than Karim Parto. Starting now, he will be in charge of sales and probably be the face you meet at all the upcoming industry events.

Only 27 years old, Karim is already quite experienced in the world of software sales. He studied Business Administration and Management at University of Gothenburg, and became CEO of the student driven marketing agency called HandelsMarketing. It was thanks to his results at that position that he was able to land the Sales Manager job at Gothenburg based ad-tech company Admeta (now a WideOrbit company), right after graduating.

I got the freedom to travel and prospect businesses in a broad variety of markets with full responsibility. The freedom given, together with great managers, made me grow at an immense speed to the person I am today.

says Karim.

Transitioning from ad-tech to Halons email infrastructure software, he looks forward to learning the new industry that Halon operates in. He loves digging in to the complexity of customers situations and ease them with simplicity, communication and his signature forward thinking mind-set.

Meeting new people is also a daily part of my job that I really enjoy. You get constantly humbled by the fact that people you meet, regardless of roles and background are in the end simply just people. I love that.

says Karim.

Speaking of love, Karim claims to have the most wonderful fiancé and friends that he loves spending time with. But he appreciates his alone-time as well, re-energizing with some coffee and console gaming. Somehow he also manages to run a few side projects, like the largest Pokémon GO website and community in the Nordics and competing in the finals for the title Swedens best hamburger cook. But maybe this is just what comes naturally to Karim, who says that nothing beats the satisfaction of when hard work translates into results.

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