Post | Oct 20, 2015

Seamless integration with external APIs using Halon scripting

The Halon SMTP platform is unique in its scriptable approach to email. For those of you who still haven’t discovered the tangible business benefits of the tight integrations that this allows for, we’d like to showcase this in the video demonstration below. It surely is key to improving and streamlining your current email infrastructure.

Unlike most other anti-spam and email gateways, there’s no need to add domains and users to the Halon system. Our scriptable approach to SMTP makes it possible to avoid information duplication (which inevitably becomes out of sync) by querying (and dynamically caching) external sources. While similar to the “LDAP recipient lookup” that many email gateways support, the Halon scripting language takes you light-years further than that. Just take a look at our REST API call example that employs both short- and long-term caching and execution-time rate limits to create an incredibly robust method for external lookups via HTTP/JSON.

Fredrik has created a video that introduces those concepts, so that you can get a better apprehension for how they work seamlessly together!

Our customers use such scripts to implement dynamic routing, per-domain DKIM signing, automatic reporting and blocking of abusive users to end-user systems and much more, in order to perfectly integrate with their surrounding environment.