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KPN chooses Halon for email infrastructure and security

Telecommunications company KPN, the largest provider of internet access services in the Netherlands, has agreed on implementing Halons email infrastructure and security software.

As the largest ISP in the Netherlands, we believe in connecting people and enabling them to communicate with the world around. Because of that we provide full functional, secure email as a part of our portfolio. But a constantly changing internet environment and attacks becoming more and more sophisticated, managing such an email platform can become quite a hassle. We are always looking for improvements in functionality, flexibility and performance 

says Martijn Thie, architect at KPN.

In Halon we have found a great partner for that. They are not just delivering their software, but they’re really keen on working together and learning from our situation. Even before we could enable Halon for our email products, additional functionality was added to make it an even better fit with our environment. Halon is the most flexible, sophisticated and easy-to-manage SMTP server out there.

he adds.

We are proud and glad to welcome KPN as a Halon customer. Our priority is to help them improve their email service.

says Peter Falck, CEO and co-founder of Halon.

Email Security Roundtable in Zürich, Switzerland

To email hosting and service providers in or around Switzerland, we kindly invite you to join an intimate group of Cloud and Telco VIPs for an exclusive Email Security Roundtable to introduce you to the Trusted Email Services (TES) initiative on Thursday, September 21, 2017, hosted by Open-Xchange.

TES was launched as an industry e ort to raise awareness around email security threats and promote the deployment of innovative technologies to address them, including encryption and DNS-based mechanisms such as DNSSEC, DANE and DNS filtering. The discussion will deliver an insight into how internet service providers and software companies adopting TES guidelines and best practices can secure and qualify their services, comply with recent legal requirements (GDPR) and establish enduring customer relationships.

Interested in participating? Please contact us.

Upcoming events: WHD USA, cPanel Conference and more

The summer is here and business go into a slower mode. But that also meads plenty of time to prepare for what we have planned for this fall. As always, there are a ton of events, and we have picked some favourites where you’ll definitely meet us. If you want to schedule a meeting, just let us know and we’ll get back to you!

WHD USA – September 11-12, Las Vegas, USA

We are still on a high from all the fun at WHD Global, but let’s look ahead. You will find Halon in booth 26, with Karim, Peter and Nina ready to give you any information you need.

cPanel Conference – September 26-27, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Many of halons customers also use cPanel, so it’s a no-brainer that we need to attend this event, celebrating 20 years of the cPanel software! Peter and Karim will walk the floor and take meetings.

OX Summit, October 12-13, Bruxelles, Belgium

We return again as a sponsor to this ever-so-rewarding event with Open-Xchange. Join the OX ecosystem in Europe’s capital for a ‘Summit like No Other’. Peter, Ohannes and Myria will wear their Halon shirts!

Nordic Domain Days, 20-21 November, Stockholm, Sweden

This new event is a part of Internet Days, and Halon will be a sponsor. Be sure to check out this domain industry event for the nordic countries as it carries a strong focus on networking between parties with interest in the region.

TES roundtable discussions

There have been several successful meeting arranged by the Trusted Email Services initiative, where Halon take part, and there is more in store! This event calendar will be updated soon, and if you are a hosting or service provider looking to attend, let us know and we will find your nearest

Serial entrepreneur David Chartier becomes advisor for Halon

American serial entrepreneur David Chartier has agreed to become an advisor for Halon. David has been working in the cyber security space since 1996 and started his first company Infostream in Oslo, Norway. It was then listed on the Oslo stock exchange and later sold to French company Integra.  After that, he ran and built up a number of successful companies that were sold. Most recently he was the CEO of Codenomicon, a Finnish cyber security company which was sold to Synopsys.

So why has he taken an interest in Halon?

Email is critical aspect of all most all businesses and everybody’s daily life.  Secure email is going to be needed by all business and individuals and Halon’s secure mail platform offers a new way for business to improve the security and privacy of their their email system.

he says. David has plenty of experience ramping up sales, adoption of new technologies and products, and have worked extensively in Europe and USA. This is where he expects to be of help to Halon. He is also actively working to help promote secure software development practices to both small and large companies and spend a lot of time improving the security of medical devices with an organization called MDISS.

I think there is a great opportunity for a secure email platform that is modular and can be used to easily add best of breed point solutions into an already robust platform.

Halon COO Per Stenman is happy about the addition to the team:

David Chartier is a great person and asset to Halon and the international growth, especially the US market entry in the next level. Also adding to the corporate strategy and insights from driving a number of businesses to serious value growth, David will bring to the Halon team strict and real insights.

Email tech guru Mark Weiler becomes advisor for Halon

Halon is thrilled to announce the addition of Mark Weiler, currently SVP of Engineering at Rubicon Project, to the Halon Advisory board. Mark has 25+ years of technology and leadership experience, including a depth of Email systems experience as Mark was on the core team developing the first 4 versions of Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft’s Email messaging and collaboration platform, and the MAPI (Messaging API) protocol in the 1990’s. Since 2001, Mark has held executive leadership positions at various Silicon Valley startups, and for the past 2 years has served as SVP Engineering at Rubicon Project, the largest independent Advertising Exchange in the world.

Halon has a strong technology team who developed a superior email and security solution that has huge potential to reshape how Hosting Providers, Telcos, Email Service Providers and Enterprises utilize email. Halon’s email and security solution was designed from the beginning to be highly scalable and support even the highest volume provider’s needs. It runs on widely available commodity hardware, unlike the competition which requires expensive specialized hardware. In addition, Halon’s product is highly customizable to tailor to the unique needs of each customer with a powerful scripting language. This combination of adaptability and scale is unique in the marketplace and clearly sets Halon apart from the competition.

says Mark Weiler.

As one of the founding members of the Halon Advisory board, Mark is helping develop Halon’s strategy, positioning, and technology architecture.

We welcome Mark with open arms, especially since he’s set a clear target;

I look forward to helping Halon evolve the go-to-market strategy to crush the competition!

Introducing Jonas Falck – Halons handy nerd co-founder

I want to work for myself, as egoistic as it may sound. I want to be a creator.

Jonas Falck eat, sleep and breath Halon. As a co-founder, product developer and evangelist, he is essential to the team. But he is also the acting enfant terrible of the group, the one with the most unread email in his inbox and constantly trying to figure out how to handle his current renovation project at home. But make no mistake, this is a true tech nerd. At the age of six, his father would sit him down to learn binary numbers, laying the foundation for a great interest in computers and programming.

In 1986, when Jonas was 12, his fathers work brought the family to Houston, Texas. And it was a new world to Jonas, who discovered how much further the American schools had come in bringing computers into the classrooms. While his brother, and later Halon co-founder, Peter was hooked on flight simulators, Jonas got his first PC.

Fast forward to the mid-nineties, where the young IT consultant Jonas is getting restless as his employer won’t let him move forward the way he wants. He knows that he loves tech, a self-taught programmer, and he likes the entrepreneurial life. The fact is that he has already started a business together with his big brother Peter, importing environmental-friendly golf pegs, made of corn. And from corn to keyboard, in several sentences.

Jonas and Peter kick off an IT consultancy company, with Peter still working 9 to 5 as a salesman in another company and Jonas doing part-time building sound systems for musicians. A trade which might have satisfied him as well, being an eager music fan and owner of both guitars and synthesizers.

And along that road he found a gap to fill product wise. A software that wasn’t as static as the ones he would install for his customers. The brothers had employed Anders and Erik, not yet out of school, as programmers. Together they set out to create Halon.

My vision was to create a product that the customer could adjust to their needs and decide how to use.

Jonas Falck is convinced that Halon will make it big, that the product has the greatest prospects. All the previous products, hardware as well as software, and every iteration has contributed to Halons status as a truly well-designed SMTP MTA.

When we signed as a customer, it was a huge stepping stone, and I think we are extremely close to make another one of these steps. A moment to look back on with a smile.

Today, he is still teaming with Anders, now the CTO, and Erik, lead software developer, when it comes to product development. And he insists that Anders and Erik have taught him a lot about technology, and they have made him go out of his comfort zone, to the extent of actually leaving the Windows world in favor of Linux! But he is just as much into sales and business development.

I love to be involved in everything. For better or worse, I want to contribute to all the different parts of the company. I’m open to the fact that this might have to change as the company grows, but it’s really the role that suits me the best.

I have 100 percent focus on Halon. My brother-in-law is a serial entrepreneur, and he’s constantly nagging me that we should be in business together but I always turn him down. Also, I promised my wife to stick to one thing.

Jonas’s wife has seen just how far his dedication can take him. For 14 years he has been working on the house they bought together, and that house have had Jonas literally up to his knees in dirt. At times, there has been a trail of mud through the office to Jonas’s desk. But this is a persistent guy.

Ok, I regret spending that huge amount of time on the house and I’ve become better at hiring professionals for the things we need done. Still, I’m proud that I dared taking on tasks that I never tried before.

And lastly, is there anything that scares him?

I fear the feeling of not being useful, and if the company would loose pace and willingness to improve. I have put everything I have into Halon. It’s sort of my extra child, and that makes you want to win.

2000 dollars to cancer research – Halon wins Ibrahimovic’s shirt

Halon was attending IT company Atea’s yearly partner meet-up in Stockholm when the host announced a charity auction. That’s when we became the proud owner of a signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic shirt from Paris Saint-Germain, and the equivalent of 2100 US dollar was donated to the Swedish cancer research fund.

Our sales engineer Tobias Welander were representing Halon, and as one of the in comparison quite small companies attending, nobody were really expecting him to make a bid in the auction. But with the support from the marketing department (via Slack at 10 pm) he sent his silent bid of 19 000 SEK and was soon called to the stage to receive the PSG shirt. The shirt was originally donated by cancer survivor Nadja ”Tiger-Nadja” Casadei.

It’s our honor at Halon to be able to contribute to cancer research and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s shirt will hang on the office wall, to remind us of always taking action and aim for the stars.

Tobias Welander holding Zlatan Ibrahimovic's shirt

Halon finalist in 2017 Network Computing Awards

Halon has been selected finalist in no less than three categories in the 2017 Network Computing Awards. Voting is now open and you can vote for Halon as “IT Optimisation Product of the Year”, “Software Product of the Year” and for the “Return on Investment Award”. The Award show will take place in London on March 30th.

Karim Parto is the new CCO of Halon

Meet our brand new Halon Chief Commercial Officer! We could not have wished for a better Christmas present than Karim Parto. Starting now, he will be in charge of sales and probably be the face you meet at all the upcoming industry events.

Only 27 years old, Karim is already quite experienced in the world of software sales. He studied Business Administration and Management at University of Gothenburg, and became CEO of the student driven marketing agency called HandelsMarketing. It was thanks to his results at that position that he was able to land the Sales Manager job at Gothenburg based ad-tech company Admeta (now a WideOrbit company), right after graduating.

I got the freedom to travel and prospect businesses in a broad variety of markets with full responsibility. The freedom given, together with great managers, made me grow at an immense speed to the person I am today.

says Karim.

Transitioning from ad-tech to Halons email infrastructure software, he looks forward to learning the new industry that Halon operates in. He loves digging in to the complexity of customers situations and ease them with simplicity, communication and his signature forward thinking mind-set.

Meeting new people is also a daily part of my job that I really enjoy. You get constantly humbled by the fact that people you meet, regardless of roles and background are in the end simply just people. I love that.

says Karim.

Speaking of love, Karim claims to have the most wonderful fiancé and friends that he loves spending time with. But he appreciates his alone-time as well, re-energizing with some coffee and console gaming. Somehow he also manages to run a few side projects, like the largest Pokémon GO website and community in the Nordics and competing in the finals for the title Swedens best hamburger cook. But maybe this is just what comes naturally to Karim, who says that nothing beats the satisfaction of when hard work translates into results.

This year, wish lists will be sent to Santa via email

Ever got an email from Santa Claus? Me neither, but in this day and age I’m assuming it’s just a matter of time. And when I do, I want to see his face in the ”From”-field. Yes, I said face, not name.

When writing an email in Gmail, my quickly typed 😉 easily transforms into a graphic smiley. Reinforcing my attempt to create a feeling with the reader. If I’m typing on my smartphone I might also include some other emojis like the ❤️. And then I send it to, for example, [email protected]. Until now, when I actually can send it to, or from, 🎅

The character encoding known as UTF-8 makes it possible to include emojis in email addresses, and all possible characters, such as for example the Swedish å, ä, ö. The latter is certainly more useful than the first, but to any marketer (or jokester) it will most definitely be a fun detail to include when sending someone an email. In the upcoming Halon 4.0 we will include support for SMTPUTF-8 (RFC6531). But what about…

Typing an emoji on your smartphone is obviously easy but what if you are on desktop? A Mac-user will press ctrl+cmd+space, but a simple Chrome plugin or even copy/paste from an emoji library website will also do!

Conversion to letters?
Regular email addresses are almost always converted to lower case, to make filtering and routing work. For Halon 4.0 we will convert UTF-8 to upper- and lowercase alternatives. Because there is no guarantee that a next-hop SMTP server will support the SMTPUTF8 extension, use of the SMTPUTF8 extension always carries a risk of transmission failure.

Halon 4.0 will be keeping the team busy during the holidays, until the release, sign up for the newsletter (in the website footer) and make sure you don’t miss the release or any interesting articles on the world of email. And from all of us, to all of you, merry Christmas and a Happy New year!