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Post | Jun 25, 2024

Constant Contact partners with Halon for scalable email infrastructure

Constant Contact is a trusted email marketing platform for hundreds of thousands of small businesses worldwide. Its customers rely on Constant Contact’s best-in-class message deliverability to ensure their messages are delivered on time and not flagged as spam. They also trust the company’s reputation for privacy and security. In the midst of rapid growth, Constant Contact sought a new infrastructure partner to help strengthen its operations and scale without impacting the customer experience. 

Selection criteria

This partner had to meet rigorous standards:

1. Scalability: A flexible architecture to handle growing demand.
2. Efficiency: Enhanced performance to optimize email operations.
3. Usability: An intuitive operating environment for smooth workflows.
4. Compliance: Uphold existing policies and adapt to modern delivery standards.
5. Deliverability: Most importantly, maintain and improve Constant Contact's exceptional message delivery rates.


Choosing Halon: The perfect fit

After a careful evaluation, Constant Contact chose Halon Engage as their preferred email infrastructure partner. This decision was based on Halon’s ability to provide a scalable, flexible, and robust solution, offering streamlined operations to monitor and improve email delivery. Halon's commitment to exceptional support further reinforced their decision, ensuring a reliable and forward-thinking partnership.

A detailed assessment of Constant Contact's existing infrastructure and specific requirements was conducted to facilitate a smooth transition to Halon Engage. Through close collaboration, a detailed migration plan was developed by Halon's team to minimize service disruption. Continuous support and training were provided to Constant Contact's staff throughout the process, ensuring a seamless adoption of the new infrastructure.



The partnership with Halon resulted in several improvements for Constant Contact.

1. Scalable infrastructure: Halon's technology was designed to scale effortlessly, accommodating Constant Contact's growing volume of email traffic without compromising performance. This positions Constant Contact for future growth and the ability to handle increased volumes.
2. Operational efficiency: Constant Contact experienced increased operational efficiency.
3. End-to-end support: Halon provides comprehensive support, pairing Constant Contact with experts who assist with everything from implementation to ongoing management and optimization. This ensures ongoing expertise and smooth operation of the new infrastructure.
4. Email delivery: The modernized infrastructure further facilitated reliable email delivery, improving the customer’s experience with Constant Contact.

Constant Contact's partnership with Halon Engage successfully addressed the challenges faced during rapid growth. The modernized infrastructure enhanced operational efficiency and scalability, while maintaining the exceptional email deliverability that Constant Contact's customers rely on. This strategic collaboration positions Constant Contact for continued success in the ever-evolving email marketing landscape, allowing them to confidently serve their growing customer base and explore new market opportunities.

About Constant Contact

Constant Contact, founded in 1995, has evolved from a simple email marketing service into a comprehensive digital marketing platform tailored for small businesses. Their offerings include tools for list growth, social media, ecommerce, advanced email automation, events, surveys, and SMS, all designed to save time, build strong customer relationships, and drive tangible results. Constant Contact remains committed to empowering small businesses, fostering a culture of connection, innovation, and integrity, ensuring their customers have the resources they need to succeed and grow.