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Halon and Spamhaus in email security partnership

We are excited to announce that Halon now provides official integration with Spamhaus Technology anti-spam & threat data feeds (IP & domain blocklists). Both companies worked together to ensure that this new functionality would be simple to deploy while also scaling all the way from smaller systems to large ISP’s with millions of users and complex email flows.

We asked Simon Forster of Spamhaus Technologies to describe what benefits he sees in this collaboration:

Spamhaus is looking forward to partnering with Halon to make email communications even safer for their clients. Coupled with Halon’s powerful scripting capabilities, it means clients can now prevent over 95% of spam and malware from getting into user’s mailboxes, without having to accept any data. Service providers can instantly recover the cost of bandwidth, servers & storage typically lost to accepting and processing spam.

The solution can also be used to block outbound spam which typically has links to fraudulent sites. Halon’s CTO Anders Berggren is equally excited:

We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Spamhaus Technology team. They are the most recognized name in IP & domain blocklists. This partnership furthers Halon’s mission to offer the highest performing and most comprehensive messaging platform. Halon enables service providers to build innovative, secure and very cost effective email solutions, and Spamhaus is a great addition to our platform.