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Adapting for the future. Introducing the new Halon brand

It’s been an extremely busy start to 2022 at Halon. Together with our agency partners, Most Studios and iGoMoon, we’ve been hard at work crafting our new visual identity and website to signal how we stand apart from our competitors within the email and security space and how we’re positioned for the future.

Taking stock

Embarking on this journey was not merely an exercise to refresh our visual identity but an important milestone to take stock of our Swedish heritage from back in 2006. We sought to review and distil the values we hold as individuals and collectively as a company. We also looked to uncover the red threads to what our customers truly value in using Halon and why they choose us to be deeply rooted into their product offerings. 

Looking across the MTA space, there is a distinctive feeling that this is mission critical software for large businesses. It has a serious job to do, and a features list to prove it. But behind the software are the developers of each unique company tailoring it to their specific needs so that lines of communication with their respective customers are flawless. For any company, choosing to switch to Halon is not only about our holistic approach to email software, the scriptability or components. It’s also for our dedication to being frontrunners in the email and security space and making ourselves accessible to the developer teams building on it. It’s about our personal service.

The developers’ choice

In one of the customer interviews that stood out, the customer was asked what they appreciated most about working with Halon, and answered – “they never try to upsell me”. This may raise a few eyebrows in traditional business teams, but this is exactly the level of trust and rapport that we seek to establish with our customers in a relationship that becomes more of an extended tech family than a pure technology vendor.

You don’t switch your MTA on a whim and our partnerships are expected to span many years knowing full well the challenges faced today will likely change drastically as technology, markets and objectives evolve. For our customers to succeed at scale, it’s vital that we are always one step ahead and continue to connect our in-house expertise with our customer’s developer teams for growth-proof solutions that can be built on and evolved. 


Front and centre of this rebrand is our new logo and symbol. Coined the “Halon Molecule”, this symbol represents our mentality and way of working in how we seek to connect to new things, thoughts, and people to create growth. Forever changing and evolving, having Halon in your tech stack becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Continuing with this concept, we refined our color palette to feel bold and “techy”, yet human. Our use of candid natural shots as part of our photography preferences realistic work settings of our end users – the dev team rockstars. We’ve also commissioned a set of quirky hand-drawn illustrations that are a nod to the creative ideation process. After all, if you can dream it, you can build it with Halon. 


Of course, just like with all digital products, the work is never truly finished and we intend to iterate and build on this brand platform long into the future. We’re excited to continue supporting our customers and working to ship regular updates to our product with even more to come on our roadmap for the year ahead.