Post: releases, tech | Sep 23, 2015

New Halon 3.4 “rocky” release

We’re very proud to announce the 3.4 release (codename rocky) of the Halon email gateway software! It’s based on FreeBSD 10.2 and comes with updates to virtually all components of the system; the CYREN anti-spam engines (now implemented using ctasd), OpenSSL, and many more.

Being a major release, it also comes with hundreds of new, small features. For example, it adds a SetTLS function to the pre-delivery script (yet another way of handling mail servers with broken SSL implementations), a pie chart function called q() that can be used to visualize the queue and quarantine, and zoomable line graphs on the statistics page which layout can be saved per user.

As a result of the news features in the email gateway, our logging and end-user interface has been updated to take advantage of those improvements as well. On another note, we’ve released an updated version of our cPanel plugin as a stand-alone package which adds support for the paper lantern skin.

As usual, new systems are deployed by downloading a disk image or virtual machine template, and running systems updated by simply pressing the automatic update button on the web admin’s update page.