New email gateway (SP) release with added RESTfulness

Many of our customers uses the HSL scripting language’s unparalleled flexibility to design and build ambitious systems, integrations and services. It could be anything from automatically changing spamming accounts’ passwords to downloading and caching black/whitelists from external systems.

As usual, the change log is packed with many other improvements. For example, GetMailQueueMetric() that can be used to implement quotas, and many filtering arguments to the API for more granular admin permissions.


The email gateway itself is controlled using a beautiful SOAP API. However, for making calls from the gateway to external systems, most people seem to prefer REST, and we’ve therefore added many options (such as method, headers and CA validation) to the http() function, and JSON support.

Preserve subject header in bounces

Bounces (sometimes called DSN or NDR) include the original subject in their subject. It makes them easier to find (by searching for subjects) and also for the user as he can easy see which message wasn’t delivered.

SASL username in message tracking

Tracing abusive users gets a lot easier now that we’ve introduced the ability to both search and view messages’ SASL username (used to submit the message).