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What to remember when you hate on spam

Did you open your mailbox this morning, only to find a few more of those obnoxious spam emails? Did you react with an irritated frown and a thought about that you are paying for some service to keep this shit out? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. In fact, so did I.

The fact of the matter is that however much we, or any of our colleagues in the email security business, claim that we do keep the spam out – nobody’s perfect. This is a constant game of hunting down the spammers and blocking them, and for each attack we stop, someone finds another way around and then we go after that. It never stops.

But the thing to consider when you see those two, or maybe even five spam emails, is that those are just the tip of the iceberg. In 2015 we sent about 205 billion emails per day, according to the Radicati Groups Email Statistics Report, and almost half of it was spam. The average business user protected by spam filters received 88 emails per day, out of which 12 were spam. That would mean an average catch rate of 86 %, while the anti-spam that Halon uses blocks significantly more.

So the spam you see is nowhere near the real amount of spam actually sent to you. And yes, sometimes a few of them break through the fences you have put up, and drives the industry to constantly improve. But we just want you to know that as long as you keep your hands off them spams, trash them without clicking any links, you are still safe. The war is ongoing, but we will keep you out of harms way. Get in touch if you need a hand!