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POST Luxembourg achieves higher system efficiency

POST Luxembourg (POST) is a large post and telecommunication company in the Benelux area. They are the biggest email provider in Luxembourg, with both consumer and business accounts. Email is a big part of their business with highly demanding customers. Providing their customers with a secure and trusted way of communicating is vital to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid churn.


With the increasingly competitive market within email, POST wanted better ways of creating the best possible email service for their end customer. They wanted to ensure that the product they offered was on par or better than the largest, global email services.

With their previous solution, POST lacked the flexibility to create a service that matched the expectations of their customers, and they had issues with spam getting through their filters as well as their IPs being blocklisted. With the size of their traffic, they also had difficulty scaling their former solution thus server usage was skyrocketing.

Paul Turpel, Project Manager at POST, explains:

“The old system no longer met our requirements in terms of flexibility. We had no possibility to add customized functionalities and had to work with the existing system.”

POST came to the conclusion that they needed to replace their former Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) with a more flexible product that would enable them to rapidly develop new features and scale seamlessly. They also wanted a system that would ensure all necessary security and anti-abuse features to avoid customer dissatisfaction, as well as to decrease the time spent on handling support tickets related to spam, phishing, and other abuse.

“Having the option to work ourselves on settings for false positives is only one of the features that the old system lacked. We were also looking for customizations and rules that are specific to our region. The old system was mainly tailor-made for the Asian and American market and did not fit for regional needs in Europe”, says Paul Turpel.


POST Luxembourg sought to find an email infrastructure that would enable the flexibility and simplicity to rapidly develop new features and implement the newest security protocols. In Halon, they found a product that provided them with the flexibility they needed in a full-featured, purpose-built scripting language, but also an extensive library of ready-made components which together gave POST the possibility to tailor a best-in-class product to their end customers.

Paul Turpel, POST Luxembourg says;

“Our final choice went to Halon because the system is really performant. We are able to manage a higher load without having to invest in heavier machines.”

Another big advantage of Halon’s solution is its fast and helpful support.

“Our final choice went to the Halon MTA because the system is really performant. We are able to manage a higher load without having to invest in heavier machines.”

Paul Turpel, POST Luxembourg


Quick and seamless migration
Through Halon’s partnership with local implementation partner F3C Systems, all parties were able to make a quick and seamless migration from the old system within a few weeks.

Scaling while reducing hardware
The complex setup of their previous system has been replaced with an effective and modern cluster which allows POST to scale while reducing the hardware footprint.