Halon SMTP software features

Halon is a scriptable SMTP software for email infrastructure and security, designed for service providers. Features include anti-spam, verification, signing, encryption and much more.
Halon already power some of the worlds most popular email servers.

New feature! Time-of-click protection, read all about additional protection against phishing, malware and ransomware.

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Read Case Studies: One.com, bhosted.nl, Maskatel, Duo Circle

SMTP and Email

System and Management

Download and Installation

Bare metal: video, serial
Virtualization: VMware, Hyper-V, universal
Cloud providers: EC2, GCE, Azure, Rackspace
Version: Halon 4.1 change log
Kernel: FreeBSD 11.

Programming and Integration


  • Fully Scriptable
  • Great Scalability
  • Multiple Rate Limiting
  • Top-notch Anti-Spam
  • Future-proof
  • Total Control
  • World Class Support

Suitable for

  • Hosting Provider
  • Service Provider
  • Telco / ISP
  • Enterprise
Halon Fullstack

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