The scriptable email security gateway

Halon Email Security Gateway manages and filters all inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organizations from email-borne threats. Implement it easy with standard settings, or adjust it to fit your exact needs, without compromises.

Selected features:

  • Anti-spam by CYREN and an optimised SpamAssassin
  • Outbound spam filtering and delivery
  • DKIM signing and verification with DMARC
  • Encryption with DANE
  • SPF handling and SRS
  • Bounce verification with BATV
  • Content filtering, also called DLP
  • Rate limiting
  • Scripted routing
  • External API calls
  • Routing by DNS appending
  • Handoff with LMTP
  • Recipient filtering and in-line delivery
  • Proxy mode and fully transparent outbound anti-spam
  • E-mail tracking search filters and logging

Download Email Security Gateway product sheet

14 days free trial, download directly from Available for deploy on-premises, as a virtual appliance or in a public cloud environment (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or VMware). Halon currently powers over 30 million mailboxes, and some of the worlds busiest email servers.

Let us know what problem you need solving, and your number of users, to access your free trial and get your personal quote: