A fully scriptable MTA

Halons SMTP software is a scriptable MTA, Mail Transfer Agent, packed with features and an extensive ecosystem.

It is best described as an email delivery and security platform for you hosting environment, and can replace for example Postfix.

Halon provides a scriptable approach to functions such as email delivery (SMTP/LMTP), routing, automation, integration and security such as anti-spam, anti-virus, content inspection, signing and encryption.

The Halon Scripting Language (HSL) is an email-centric, domain-specific language, that itself implements a set of standard library functions. In addition to that, there are contexts (or extensions) that are implemented by the different daemon processes; such as API authentication, IP firewall and most importantly the e-mail oriented flows that maps to SMTP commands; AUTH (SASL), MAIL FROM, RCPT TO, DATA and queue processing pre- and post- delivery. The contexts define additional functions, as well as pre-defined variables.

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Halon is already used and appreciated by thousands of hosting and email service providers worldwide.