Threat protection add-on

The Halon MTA comes bundled with industry-leading protection against spam, phishing and malware from Cyren and Sophos. This includes IP reputation, virus outbreak detection, in- and outbound spam classification, and email-specific anti-malware.

First to detect, first to protect

Cyren email security engine

Cyren delivers industry-leading detection performance, allowing real-time blocking of spam and phishing in any language or format with virtually no false positives. Cyren is utilizing extensive cloud intelligence to provide the fastest protection available, proactively analyzing billions of Internet transactions daily. Its recurrent pattern detection (RPD) technology detects all types of email-borne outbreaks in real-time, based on its most fundamental characteristics - mass distribution and repeating patterns.

Proactive malware detection

Sophos anti-virus engine

The anti-virus/malware engine from Sophos is designed to be highly effective against zero-day malware attacks that are spread via emails. The technology applies stricter rules aimed at active content that is delivered in email attachments and proactively identifies polymorphic malicious documents and executables. The higher detection rate is achieved by identifying strongly suspicious content that is not regularly associated with email communication. It provides immediate zero-day protection from emerging threats.

Email security for service providers

Protection against any type of attack or attacker